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Hi I went to pay my monthly loan payment today of 110 euro. I had checked my balance yesterday and had credit of €4.50. Today I checked just before I deposited my money to be safe and on my statement it had two €20 euro payments debited from my account supposedly from saturday. The thing is I had not withdrawn any money on Saturday. I went to customer service where he explained that this was a shadow payment but it could not of been as I didnt withdraw 20 euro in the first place he will know tomorrow for certain. Will I get €40 credited back and should I expect this to happen regularly with the new visa debit card? I have only started college and am to tight on funds as it stands

Regards Paul


Hi Shankly88,

Bank of Ireland: Graham said:
these shadow transactions normally occur as a result of an adjustment, cancellation or voiding of a transaction at a point of sale and not due to a card problem.

Bank of Ireland: Linda said:
You can request a refund of a duplicated transaction by contacting the retailer who took the payments. They can clarify if they have debited two payments or if one was cancelled/voided. If one payment was cancelled by the retailer after we had authorised it, it will take four working days to correct on the system and be credited to your account.

If the two payments are still showing on your account after the four working days, please contact the retailer for a refund or you can fill out a Dispute form in the branch.

I hope this helps.

Shankly88 Registered User

I got the €40 euro back into my account thanks for the help.

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