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I'm looking for some advice on how to manage my email with my new iPad.

I have email address (Vodafone Internet connection) which I have successfully set up on the iPad. It is the same email address I've had for years and used on my laptop before, and I would prefer not to have to change it.

The thing is that my eircom web mail account fills up and then I find that I have to go into the webmail site and fill up the trash folders with all messages and delete them so that the eircom server will continue to download messages for me. It has always been like that but I didn't mind deleting them on the web mail server as I had them on the laptop. Now I've discovered (i think) that once they are deleted from the eircom server the iPad no longer shows them. Its not storing them on the device (and I have the 64gb one!). My husband has an email and never seems to have the server full problem. How can I get around this? Do I have to change email or does eircomwebmail always have this problem?

thanks in advance

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