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Hi all,
My daughter has requested a Doctor Who cake for her party on Saturday.
Given the lack of notice, I'm a bit stuck. All help and advice is welcome.

I have rollout icing and some small plastic Dr Who figurines
I dont have any sugarpaste. I live in South Dublin and any suggestions of where to buy stuff are welcome.

I think I could cut out the Dr Who logo in fondant icing, and paint it dark blue with food colouring.

Any other ideas ?

I have a lot of experience of baking. My icing and decorating is not bad but a bit dodgy.


Your daughter has great taste!

The most iconic symbol of the Doctor Who show is the Tardis, which is the time machine in which the Doctor travels around in. It is meant to be able to change its appearance to fit in, but it got damaged and so is stuck looking like a Police box. These were telephone boxes used only by British police in the days before walkie talkies and mobile phones.

Here is a picture of one:

A google search for tardis birthday cake throws up quite a few hits. I found this one which looks easy enough to do:

I suppose a rectangular sponge cake, with blue coloured icing, 2 white icing windows, or white coloured marzipan windows would do the trick. If you have a doctor Who figurine, next to it like in the picture, that should satisfy her.

How old will she be?

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You have roll out icing, but no sugarpaste, can you clarify this? Roll out icing is sugarpaste...

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phormium said:
You have roll out icing, but no sugarpaste, can you clarify this? Roll out icing is sugarpaste...

True, I made a mess of that.

I have white roll-out icing, enough for the cake, but no other sugarpaste or icing. I can get some, but I think I can only get white locally.

I have never tried to colour or paint sugarpaste with food dye, but i am willing to give it a go.

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Do you have the blue paste colouring? It's easy enough colour it if you have the paste, just knead it in to the sugarpaste/fondant/ready to roll icing. Would take a good bit to get it to that deep blue, alternatively you could just paint on the blue paste diluted with a little water, vodka would be better but you might not want to use it for kids although you can't taste it and it evaporates quicker giving a better finish than water when painting. You would not get as good or even a colour painting it as you would get if you knead in the colour.

Don't know your area so not sure where the nearest shop to buy stuff would be, Decobake in Batchelor's walk would have everything you need but in city centre.

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I am not familiar with this roll out icing. Regular icing is made with egg white and icing sugar. While making it, add a few drops of blue food coloring to get blue icing. Pour the icing over the cake, and use a metal spatula to flatten and smooth, just like plastering a wall!

Don't know your area so not sure where the nearest shop to buy stuff would be, Decobake in Batchelor's walk would have everything you need but in city centre.

The OP said south Dublin but Im not sure how south. I remember the Tesco Express on Baggott street had a decent baking section, but any standard supermarket should have all you need.

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The picture you posted of the flat cake is covered with roll out icing ( also referred to as sugarpaste and fondant). You would not get the same finish with pouring consistency royal icing and putting the markings in it would not be as easy. Tesco sell an own brand fondant icing which is the same as ready to roll/sugarpaste. You treat it like pastry, knead until pliable using icing sugar and roll out like pastry, drape over buttercreamed cake, tuck in around side and smooth it out. Lots of tutorials on youtube showing how to do it. Liquid food colouring is not suitable for colouring it though as it is too watery, you need the paste colours which are a thick paste especially if you want a deep colour, you might get away with a very pale colour using a couple of drops of liquid but you cannot add a large amount of the liquid colours.

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Hi all,
Thank for the comments. I couldn't get into town to get to Decobake so
I was stuck with roll out icing and liquid food colouring.

I coloured some icing blue by kneading in liquid colouring. It was a bit soft, as the colouring was liquid, but it was good enough to cut out the Dr Who logo
to put on top of the iced cake surrounded by plastic daleks.

It wont win any prizes but my daughter and her friends were very impressed.

Next time, I'll be more organised and get my supplies in early.

Mr E Administrator


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Mr E said:

Thanks for the reminder, I'm a bit lazy about pictures.

huskerdu Registered User

Here it is....

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Dizzyblonde Whirling dervish

That looks amazing, I bet your daughter was delighted

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That cake looks great!
BBC America has a few really cute recepies for more Who related treats for future reference...
I plan on attempting the Dalek ones for the fun!

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