Evergreen Registered User

I purchased my first Mac last week and after getting over the original excitement of owning such a beautiful piece of technology I find myself getting used to the reality of changing from Windows to OS X.

I'm getting the hang of most things Apple and they way that they do things, however, I think that Apples 'Finder' file manager app is awful when compared to Windows Explorer.

Anybody out there able to recommend a decent File Manager App?

firkin Registered User

Anything in particular that you dislike?

Evergreen Registered User

The layout is the main issue for me. After 20 years of Windows I'm struggling a little bit in finding my way around.

firkin Registered User

I know how you feel. I had a similar experience when I got my first mac a couple of years ago. I would suggest you try and stick with it for a bit longer before you give up on it.

Finder is fairly integral to OS X. I reckon its worth your while persevering with it until you become comfortable with it. But give it a bit more time and you will get there, and then you won't look back.

jester77 Registered User

Pathfinder has a good rep, don't use it myself as it doesn't replace Finder. I use a plugin called totalfinder that hooks into Finder. I find it does a good job and adds in some of the functionality that Finder lacks plus it's fairly cheap as well compared to pathfinder.

Evergreen Registered User

Thanks for your advice and suggestions, it's much appreciated

miralize Registered User

TotalFinder gets my recommendation too.

Elessar Registered User

Wow thanks for the totalfinder suggestion - never heard of this before it's great. Bit expensive though.

Greentree_uk Registered User

can def recommend pathfinder

Liameter Banned

I've never used anything but the "Finder". But I've never used Windows so I don't know what feature you think you are missing.

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