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thunderdog said:
Using clashfinder I have a plan made out for Friday-unfortunately I have to fly back on Saturday morning to play Westport.

12-12.30 Riptide Movement

22.30-23.45 Crystal Castles
23.35-00.35 Rudimental (or any other similar dancy type act that will keep me going!)

Have they released stage times - want to plan something myself ?

Vetinarugbian Registered User

Nope Baz its all he say she say we say they say nonsense right now

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thebaz Registered User

Vetinarugbian said:
Nope Baz its all he say she say we say they say nonsense right now

cheers, hoping Public Enemy don't start at same time as Stones - hopfully at least an hour after

robinph Moderator

Seems to be some wings installed on top of the Pyramid:

Toast Registered User

The efestivals discussion on that is fun with people getting very angry it is the Rolling Stones taking over the festival. What with it being a Phoenix (and not related to the band Phoenix who are playing the other stage) I think this is going to be a theme for the festival.

I wouldn't be surprised if it is going to be some idea of "rebirth for the UK" they'll be pushing in reaction to the rise of the right. It would fit the sort of message Glastonbury would be behind and having them make a statement on it could be repositioning the festival closer to its roots of hippies and socialists that many feel it has drifted from. If we think the last thing they had the pyramid altered for was nuclear disarmament it makes some sense... or it could just breath fire during Jumping Jack Flash. It'll be interesting either way.

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thunderdog Registered User

thebaz said:
Have they released stage times - want to plan something myself ?

Not officially I don't think but clashfinder have a few estimates up on their site

ruthmedjber Registered User

Anyone need a lift to Glasto from Dublin this year? We have 2 free spaces in our 9-seater van! PM me for more deets if interest. xR

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hellosailor Registered User

I cant believe its almost here already!!! this time 3 weeks, I should be having a few ciders outside my tent, gettin ready to go exploring! whoohooooooo

foolelle Registered User

just popped in to let everyone know just how excited i am but i cant seem to be able to describe it. headin over 9am ferry tuesday morning with the camper, think its goina be a good week!!!!!!!

opr Registered User

Yeah must be the weather but excitement levels at an all time high today. Something to really get you in the mood


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hellosailor Registered User

See you on the Ferry

fa4ll0ut Registered User

I had totally forgot about Glastonbury this year, just looked at the line up actually pretty impressed looks really good!

rpow Registered User

Mickolution said:
Anyone on the Aer Lingus/Aer Arann flight to Bristol on the 27th landing at 12.35? If so, anyone got room for one in a taxi?

I think I'm the only one of my group on that flight.

Mickolution, I'm on that flight on the Thursday and also by myself! Would definitely be on for sharing a taxi? We might pick up a few more at the airport if there are no more takers on here....!

Mickolution Registered User

Nice one. Sounds like a plan.

If we can't round up anyone else, at least there'll be two of us getting lost on the way there!

foolelle Registered User

hellosailor said:
See you on the Ferry

ok sure why not organise a boards meet up on the ferry...

were on the 9am Stena, rosslare to fishguard on tuesday 25th if anyone else is on that saling we should meet for a shandy!!! could even form a caravan all the way to glasto...

anyone up for that??

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