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So this is a thread for those to discuss their BlackBerry PlayBook's. The reason I think ti was needed is that due to the recent price drops a lot of people have bought one. Fire away here with any questions you have. Or list off your favourite apps (and why). You can also post any "how to's" you think people might be interested in.

Some hints and tips first.
To hard reset press and hold the power button and the vol up and down until the screen goes black

To create a folder just press and hold an icon then drag it over an icon to create a folder

Once in a folder swipe your finger over the word "BlackBerry" on the bottom of the screen all the way to the left and it'll exit out of the folder back to the previous menu.

To wake up your PlayBook swipe from the top bezel to the bottom bezel.

When in an app swipe from the top right or top left corner to get access to the task bar (settings, wifi, bluetooth, orientation etc...)

Touch the time on the task bar (at the top) to see a calendar and set an alarm.

PlayBook print to go feature is great too for priting tickets or itinerary, meeting info etc.. direct from your PC to your PlayBook. Check it out here:

My favourite apps
lets golf 2 HD 75 cent
Need for Speed Undercover
Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD free

Twitter app: Blaq 2.50euro
Files and folders theres a free trial version too. It's great for accessing your files and folders on your playbook or blackberry smartphone but also it allows you to access files on Dropbox,, Sugarsync and Google docs.
Splashtop HD Remote desktop control. Great for watching netflix apps on that are running on your PC if your wifi is fast enough.
Zinio great for reading magazine subscriptions
Picshop 4.99euro Great for editing pics quickly. there also Picshop lite which is free but has less options.
Pacemaker 19.50 euroRelease your inner mixing DJ. This app is a lot of fun but it is expensive. There's a lite version too for 4.50euro. To see a demo click here:

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For those with BlackBerry smartphones the PlayBook can do a little more. You can tether over Bluetooth once you've bridged the two devices. That way you can take advantage of the BlackBerry compression feature so your data will be compressed. Once you have your BlackBerry (BIS) add-on active the playbook can use data directly from that so even if you've no tethering packages from your network it wont matter as the playbook will use that data. Once you're back in a wifi zone it'll switch back to that data if you've previously connected the device to that wifi thus saving your data allowance.

You can also tether other devices over bluetooth to use that data when out and about away from wifi.

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The current latest official OS for the playbook is version but you can get free access to the latest dev release ( by registering here:

If you ever want to downgrade to the official just power off your PlayBook. Make sure you've downloaded the latest release of BlackBerry desktop manager:

Start the program and plug in your PlayBook. Allow the desktop manager to detect it and it'll offer you the option to install the latest official release.

You can also use BlackBerry desktop Manager to back up and restore your device.

The device is due to get a major update to BB10 (the name for the new BlackBerry smartphones launching in Q1 2013) some time in early 2013 but there'll be a few more minor updates before then. As it stands the device has the best html5 rating of any other tablet at present and BB10 also has the best html5 score of any device on the market or in development.

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To copy files over the air (wifi sharing) to your device just:

Swipe down from the top left or right corner diagonally on the screen. Click the cog, scroll down on the left hand side to "Storage and Sharing". Turn on File Sharing and Wi-Fi Sharing. You can password protect this if you like.

Scroll back up on the left hand side to select About then from the drop down menu on the right select "Network". Not it's IPv$ address and on your windows pc click start and run and type:
\\YOUR IPv4 Address i.e. \\
and hit return. It should open the playbook folder structure in windows explorer in a couple of seconds. This can be slow depending on if others are using the wifi in your home or if it's a,b,g or n wifi. Hand for files and pics but a little slower for movies.

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To side load apps (installing android ports)

From a PC:

From a MAC:

Here's a farily complete list of android apps available for sideloading:

There are lots of sources of sideloaded apps but remember try not to use apps that are free for sideloading but would normally cost money if bought by an android device. Some people have converted android apps without the developers permission and so the developer is loosing money on these apps.

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Excellent thread mate.. I'm checking out some of those apps now

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Some more apps:
LastPass password manager (free but only available to you if you're a premium subscriber to lastpass

Qfolio for monitoring stocks and share prices

Taptu News about your interests in one app

Eventseeker Whats going on where you are. Works for Ireland too

SpaceTV free Great for watching whats happening with NASA (vids and pics) in particular the curiosity rover.

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How ye finding the playbook lads?

Do ye use it instead of your laptop?

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Random thoughts on the Playbook

Apps for kids;
The Land of Me - 3 in the series, well worth the money. Ideal for 3 to 6 year olds
Sylvester's Band is pretty good, if a little long
The Whale Who Could Fly is very good

Apps for business;
Evernote - old reliable, seems to have improved from a poor start
The Economist - some great free content

Save to the homescreen and then organise into folders. Much more effective than the rubbish random list within the browser

Email app;
If you download the developer level OS, email in portrait is one key improvement. Email app is pretty good generally

Internet Tethering
I have a 9900. Playbook works brilliantly with this phone. Tethers in seconds

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Del007 said:
How ye finding the playbook lads?

Do ye use it instead of your laptop?

Well I only got it today but I can see myself using this a lot for casual browsing, IM, streaming to the TV etc

For any serious work I'll still use my laptop but then I see this an addition to my collection of gadgets , not a one-for-all replacement


Whats a playbook?

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Del007 said:
How ye finding the playbook lads?

Do ye use it instead of your laptop?

For general browsing and watching movies/tv. I still use my laptop a lot. I do find though it's great in meetings and splashtop allows me to do a lot of stuff remotely. I use the two devices to compliment each other.

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cookie1977 said:
and watching movies/tv.

How are you handling the codec issues (I gather it has problems with AC3). What media player are you using?

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Well the only codec I have issues with is mkv files but other then that I haven't noticed any issues with the native player. Although I dont have any ac3 files. I primarily watch stuff in mp4 or avi format.

I love blueplaylist app for music

Any files I cant play I convert with Mediacoder

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Here's some pics of the OEM PlayBook stand (combined rapid charger). When it's connected to the stand unfortunately there's no access to the hdmi or usb ports so it cannot be on the stand and connected to something else. Pity really as otherwise it's great.

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