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I have read, re read and loved Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by this man. His style is unlike any one else's. What is the most quintessentially "Hunter" work? I would like to steer away from any of his sport or political works, as the the setting of mid 70 american politics or sports journalism is a but hard to relate to. But I need his talk of swine, weaponry, and drug cocktails to inspire and amuse

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my personal favourite is 'hells angels' about his time spent following the gang around, highly recommended. also 'the rum diary' although thats a fictional novel. i also love 'the proud highway' which is a collection of his letters to random people, should'nt be so entertaining but it is! have to say anything by hunter is fantastic! hope this helps.

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I read The Rum Diary recently. I didn't think it was my sort of book - my brother persuaded me to read it - but it's very good.

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I've only read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but I absolutely loved it! I don't know why I haven't downloaded some more of his book. *runs to Amazon*


I'd second the hells angels book- its pure savagery. I really enjoyed his short pieces as well. One in particular that stands out is his birthday 'prank' on Jack Nicholson, in Kingdom of Fear AFAIR.

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It's been 35 years but I remember parts of the Great Shark Hunt to be pretty good. And you get to read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kentucky_Derby_Is_Decadent_and_Depraved


I've just started his Hell's Angels book, and I'm hooked. I've already lined up Rum Diaries to read next.

The only other Thompson book I've read is Fear and Loathing and I loved it too.

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