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Just wondering how to go about getting tickets for Barcelona V Celtic in barcelona?

Are sites like viagogo and reputable?

Also are away fans seated together or is it correct that they are split up and seated in the top tiers?


Barcelonafan Registered User

Would also like to know about getting tickets for this reputable to buy off?

tapfit2004 Registered User

i was there the last time we played barca, we got tickets in the middle tier behind one of the goals directly from one the ticket office at the stadium.

they wouldn't sell them to you if you had an english or irish passport and there was a limit of 4 tickets per person. we met a lad from belfast who had an american passport and he was able to get us 4 tickets. there were €92. a friend of mine who lived in spain had a spanish social security card and they sold him a ticket even though he had a celtic jersey on so they weren't that strict. there was no problems getting in once you had a ticket.

the away fans section was way up on the third tier just around from us, it was one of the coldest matches i've been and we lost 1-0 but it was a great trip. went to a casino at about 4am the night of the match and i shook hands with Massimo Donati in there, i jumped out in front of him as he was leaving, he didn't hang around for a chat.

we were there for 5 days and rented an apartment which was 100 yards from a little irish pub called the shamrock that had rte (owned by a spanish fella who was sound).

it doesn't look much from the outside but the staff were sound, i went back there from a holiday in the south of france because i couldn't find any pubs anywhere near perpignan which were showing one of the irish international matches and they had the match on and loads of irish that were working locally were there.

heres a google map link for the pub:

and heres the apartment block from friendly rentals, its about 5 minutes walk to las ramblas. i think there was a minimum 3 night stay. its the gated door:

here is the ticket offices outside the stadium:

would love to be going back but i'm away on holidays. going to try to get to benfica match instead.

finbarrk Registered User

I'm looking for a ticket for the Glasgow match on Nov 7th if anyone could help. Flight booked now.


im looking for 2 tickets,lower level if possible,genuine fan cash waiting and flights booked,couldnt get time off to buy the 3 game package,pm me,cheers

Carroller Registered User

Looking for two tickets for the home tie.. Will buy or will swap tickets for two tickets to nfl game in wembley

D Hayes Registered User

Also looking for two tickets for Wednesday's game.

What are the chances of getting tickets on the day? Via ticket office or touts? Ball-park, how much should I expect to pay from a tout?

Carroller Registered User

While looking online I seen prices from£200 to $350 fora single ticket!!

Last Friday the official website released some tickets sent back from Barcelona I luckily got two myself but within 5 mins the site crashed!! Very hard to get tickets on the day I'd say

finbarrk Registered User

I got one the other night for £50 about 30 mins before the ko outside the main entrance. I must have been lucky. My mate didn't get one. A great night.

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