Karona Registered User


Does anyone know if there are dance classes or keep fit classes for adults on in Drogheda. I know labfitness do some of them but don't really want to go there.

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FairCity12 Registered User

Are there any GOOD zumba classes?

mejulie805 Registered User

Theres a class in Integral I go to every Monday and I love it! €6 a week for Integral gym members and €8 for non members. Worth it!

Peanut_M Registered User

If you're interested in trying something different there are set dancing classes in Sandpit Hall every Thursday evening from 9 - 11pm. Will be re starting on Thursday 20 September as far as I know.

FairCity12 Registered User

I want something high energised, so I can show my funky moves at the disco Sat night ha!

Peanut_M Registered User

It is high energised but not the usual kind of dancing in the disco on a Sat night!!

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mada999 Registered User

there was a deal on groupon.ie about Zumba in louth,, might be expired now though


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