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Taken from Digital Spy earlier :

After the Olympics, there were calls for those less-prominent events in which Team GB won medals to get wider coverage on tv. Is there really an appetite for this, though, now the excitement has died down? John Fairley of Highflyer TV talks about his plans to run a new tv channel showcasing minority interest sports, London Legacy.

I listened to that interview with Highflyer TV's John Fairley and it sounds promising. They'll be concentrating on minority sports like diving, swimming, fencing, cycling, gymnastics, taekwondo and there'll be some athletics too. The live sports will be shown primarily at evenings and weekends.

I think this venture could be a success on two counts. Firstly, Highflyer TV already have sports broadcasting experience in horse racing and, secondly, their business model only requires them to be as successful in the ratings as Sky Arts 1, i.e. with an average daily reach of 200,000 viewers and that seems do-able to me.

Mr Fairley explicitly confirmed that it would be a free to air channel and not in any Sky packs so it will be available to all Freesat viewers in non-Freesat mode although I hope that this sports channel does join the Freesat EPG in due course.


Interesting, I saw the headlines elsewhere but must admit not to taking much notice. Hard to know what appetite there is for type of sports that have the profile of a snake outside the Olympics. Still much of a channels success is down to the actual quality of presentation - if its shot and mixed with multi cameras and a clean sound and competent presenters (if there are any at all) then it might just catch on enough.

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Sport1 in Germany and RAI Sports 1and 2 in Italy are FTA sports channels that seem to do pretty well with predominantly minor sports with the occaisional big event thrown in so precedent is there for a FTA sports channel to work - heres hoping it will happen

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Olympic sports outside the Olympics...Isn't this what Eurosport is for? Nonetheless another competitor to the sports market should be welcomed (particularly a basic tier one). But calling it something better than "London Legacy TV" (which makes it sound like a regional station rather than a sports channel) would make a better (pardon the pun) runner.

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