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Hi all - anyone know anywhere with a half decent price?? Any recommendations? I work in Dublin 2, just off Grafton Street so needless to say I am avoiding the jewllers there. Sky high prices!!! It is a white gold ring which I need redipped!

gmf1024 Registered User

Vincent O'Neill aka Goldfinger on South Anne St. is very very reasonable. I think my wife got her white gold ring resized and dipped for €10 and later got a diamond remounted and two rings dipped for €25.
Other people also recommend Patrick Glynn on Middle Abbey street.

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Wftablueboy Registered User

A ring resized and redipped ( I presume you mean re rhodium plated ) for a tenner , and a diamond reset and 2 rings re plated for 25 quid ...... You'd hardly get a cup of coffee at those prices in Grafton st..........

gmf1024 Registered User

Yes - rhodium plated and resized for €10 - that was four years ago but the second visit was only three months ago. Actually it was a posting on boards that tipped her off

Wftablueboy Registered User

Good man , nothing like giving people out of date advice , by the way anyone looking for cheap petrol , the esso station on the ballymun road is 97 cent a litre ....... Well it was when I passed it 4 years ago lol....

sinead81 Registered User

Hi - I went around to Vincent O'Neill yesterday and he is €10 for a ring to be redipped. So no inflation on prices there. Thank you for the tip off, you have saved me a small fortune.

And the esso in ballymun? Might just try that out, ya never know haha!

gmf1024 Registered User

Good to hear you got sorted.
Glad to be of help.

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