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Looking for a bit of advice.. I've advised my sister who is renovating her house to ditch the old copper water cylinder for a new factory insulated one with an immersion included. The one that is there has no immersion or insulation fitted. Am I right in suggesting that a new one (she has priced one for €190) would be more economical in the long run than buying a lagging jacket and an immersion for the existing cylinder? How much would you think the old copper cylinder would be worth?

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depends on the weight, ring your local scrap dealer and asked what he/she is paying per kg for copper, i got €4.70 today in dublin, so a 30 by 18 cylinder would be around the €40 to €50 euro mark, but as fuel is so dear now it my not be worth your while driving to your local scrap yard

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Thanks Joe. I'll get measurements/weight and give scrap yard a bell. She's near a scrap yard so distance won't be an issue. Do you know if a factory lagged cylinder would be better than buying a lagging jacket? I'd say it would be cos it'd fit it better.

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oh of course it is, most copper cylinders made since i was a plumber have come pre insulated, in varies sizes, plus you will have to buy your immersion seperate, they cost around €35 mark, plus fitting pipework and a plumber to change the old cylinder, and if you get a plumber to change the old for the new he will prob take the cylinder away with him without even asking ya, so make sure and tell him you want to keep it as you own it already not him

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Thats what I was thinking about the lagging jacket alright. I've already warned her not to let the old cylinder go walkies from the house!
Thanks again Joe.

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how old is the cylinder, a pre lagged cylinder would be more efficent and keep the water at a higher temp for longer once its heated, lagging jackets are only a diy fix, not a permenant solution, check your old cylinder for corrosion along the welds

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I think the old cylinder might have been fitted in 1993 as there was a date on the bottom of it when I looked at it earlier. I'll check again tomorrow.
I think the old cylinder will be going to the scrap yard and a new insulated one will be bought. Seems like the most sensible and economic solution for her.

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thats when it was manufactures in 1993 id say


nothing stopping you putting a lagging jacket on top of an insulated cylinder

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