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Moving possibly to Douglas
Hey I am after recieving work in Ringaskiddy as a coop student. I was just wondering what Douglas is like to live in and if there is reasonable rent. I would also like to live with studenty people my own age if possible but I don't have any clue of the size of douglas or layout or anything. Any details or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Douglas is one of Cork's nicer, and best-served suburbs. I'd classify it as part of Cork City, not County Cork as it's part of the continuous built-up area.
It is a suburban village with loads of restaurants, bars, shops etc has two large shopping centres which include a rake of small shops, boutiques, etc as well as a large Dunnes Stores, Tesco Extra and M&S.

It also has UPC broadband and Eircom Fibre optic broadband (just being rolled out) in most locations.

In a Dublin context, I'd compare it to say Dundrum or something like that.

There's quite a bit of accommodation around that area, but not much of it would be student-oriented as it's not in a university area. It's mostly suburban houses but, there are some apartment complexes around too.

As areas in Cork go, it's also one of the most expensive in terms of accommodation, but it does literally have everything at your doorstep.

Your best bet for rental prices, is to check to get an idea what's out there.

Also, check your bus routes carefully. The routes to Ringaskiddy all go through the centre of Douglas Village and along the Douglas Road from the City Centre.

Douglas covers quite a large area of the south of Cork City and there are plenty of areas of it that are a good 20 minute walk to the village centre, so you just make sure you're actually on the bus route you need to be on.

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Douglas is on the city-county boundary, as anyone who tried to get some help from the city council after the recent flooding found out...

For working in ringaskiddy, I'd consider carrigaline as well for cheaper accomadation.

Douglas is well served with buses into the city, pubs, shops, cinema etc.


The only problem with that is that due to Cork's rubbish bus network, there's no link from Carrigaline to Ringaskiddy as far as I know.

You might be better looking at areas like Monkstown and Passage West if you want cheaper accommodation.

You could also look at stuff along the Rochestown Road. It's expensive, but there are apartments at the end nearer to the Passage West area.

The bus route to Ringaskiddy runs along that way.

You could also quite reasonably commute from the city centre and there's a LOT more accommodation in that area in terms of apartments anyway. Again, just make sure you look for something that's in reach of that bus route.

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That's true about the buses Solair, I assumed OP had a car/bike, and would just be bussing it for nights out in the city.

Some of the plants in ringaskiddy are pretty tough to get to by bus. You would be walking for miles from the bus stop. Depends on the company though.

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There is a lot of student accommodation in Ringaskiddy, specially built estate called Ferryview Park. Mostly caters for the Maritime College students based there.

Bus to and from Ringaskiddy is not great, and has been said already, only travels through Raffeen, Monkstown, Passage West, Rochestown, Douglas, and on to Cork City.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your plans.

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