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Thought I'd make a post for anyone looking for a Guild Wars 2 guild for release. We play all sorts of games, fps, rts, mmorpg and there's always people hanging out on mumble every evening playing different stuff together. Members are from all around europe, there's a few from Ireland already.

We'll be playing on Gandara, guild is pretty casual and will be focused on pvp and pve. A lot of us played Darkfall and will be very PvP focused while others come from Lotro and Vanguard and will be more interested in PvE so plenty of diversity.

GW2 membership is around 65 at the moment if anyone is interested in applying click below to go to the website. You can mention Fionn(me) posted on boards in your application if you want.

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Bump for Guild Wars 2 release date. The guild website has been updated in the last week too to a new version.

Would be nice to see a few more Irish people join up.

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