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read the above article and thought it would make for a good discussion on if people here think that the current crop of young actors and actresses will ever get to the levels of old school actors like pacino, walken, or smith,

i think the person who wrote it is an idiot but i thought it was a good point with all the hype surrounding someone like ryan gosling, its odd that the man has yet to star in a films that grossed over $100m at the US domestic BO (world wide they have, im assuming the article is only referencing domestic), now his last 4 films have made between 3 and 12 times their money back just at the BO, that to me would make him a go to actor for a film, and i do like him, ive seen 5 of his films and liked 4 of them, hes an actor that would draw me to a film,

unlike someone like channing tatum who the author seemed to have an unusual obsession with, ive seen 7 of his films and liked him in 1,

probably 4 of the people mentioned on that list that would draw me to a film would be Gosling, Fassbender, Lawrence and Gordon-Levitt, and as some mentioned Mila Kunis is making a good name for herself also, and another i thought deserved mention was Justin Timberlake,

also i was fairly displeased at the lack of mention of our own Saoirse Ronan, at the age of 18 shes has a great range of films, and seems to be well liked overall, and TBH i can only see good things ahead for her,

so what are peoples views of the current crop of talent trying to make names for themselves, are there any actors or actresses named that are already A listers, will some of the potentials just not cut it at the top over a 30 year career and have their names up their with the Meryl Streeps and Dustin Hoffmans,

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First person I thought of when I saw your thread title was indeed Ryan Gosling. He is the coolest mother fcuker of his generation and not typecast in the slightest. I can imagine him in any role. I am excited to see his career develop.

Regarding Joseph Gordon Levitt, The Lookout is a great lesser known film to check him out in.

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livinsane said:
Regarding Joseph Gordon Levitt, The Lookout is a great lesser known film to check him out in.

yeah seen it, great film, glad to see him making a name for himself, like gosling he does a bit of everything, but gosling as you said is just a cool mother****er

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