BelgianBlue13 Registered User

any1 know anything about this game for the PC? how do i get it and is it on consoles?

ThunderApple Registered User

Farming Simulator? Never heard about it. I only know the Farmville and co on Facebook. There was also Farm Frenzy, which you could play on your PC without Facebook. It was on my laptop when I bought it already, so I don't know where you get this game. Just google this game (maybe you can already download it for free because it's quite old) or ask at the games store, they will know for sure.
You can also check with Steam. You know Steam? They have all kinds of games to download (of course, officially, so you have to pay for it) and they often have sales on specific games. It's actually a cool service, I use it a lot. You don't even have to have a credit card to use it, prepaid card like paysafecard or similiar is enough.
I've also heard there was some farming simulation for Wii but it's not my kind of fun anymore.

mcgovern Registered User

Farming Simulator 2013 will be out on PC next month, and next year on the Xbox 360 and PS3.
Google is your friend.

Scruffles Registered User

if are not bothered about realism woud recommend saving money and buying viva pinata instead,it woudnt slow the pc as much as a brand new sim woud.
it is a farming type simulator;and it is dangerously addictive.

am pretty sure there are some free farming sims on the linux format,but am unable to find any on the distro am using curently [matriux] as the repositories are crap.

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