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Considering booking a holiday in Sanguli or Cambrils campsite in Salou, Spain for the Wife and I with our 2 kids aged 6 and 4. Since our first was born we have only holidayed in Ireland or the UK doing self catering and keeping the costs under €1,000 for 10 days maximum. Looking at the prices online for these places in Spain and it seems like it would cost €2,000 plus for 10 days or more without including flights. Is it a case that you would be dropping €3k for this kind of holiday? After too many wet and miserable Irish/ British summers we just want the chance of some sunny weather. We have asked people we know who have been there and they have been vague on how much it cost as I believe they don't want us to think they are minted spending €3k on a holiday. It is 7-8 yrs since we went on a sun holiday and back then we were a double income no kids couple. Are we naive in thinking that this is crazy money or is it the going rate for a family holiday in Spain?

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When are you thinking of going? Cambrills and Sanguli prices do shoot up for peak season but I am suprised they are that much. Are you booking through an agent or their own sit? I would reccommend you book through their site. When you mention 2000e does that include car hire or just accomodation?

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Thanks for the reply Daisy M. It's for next year (school holidays) but we have been advised to book now as it sells out quickly. These prices are direct from their own websites and do not include car hire.

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If you are booking one of these campsites you are right to book early as they do go quickly. These are very popular campsites I am suprised how much they cost for that time of year given that they are so reasonable outside of peak periods. I think you would get a hotel including half board for less and you would not need to rent a car as bus transport is excellent in that area.
I did a quick look on thompsons hotel only and prices look good for july. I use Thompsons and have never had any problems, we always stay in the theme park hotels.

Some of these hotels are lovely and some I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, feel free to ask if you have any more questions!!

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Sanguli & Cambrils park seem to generally get very good reviews, a cousin of mine stayed at Cambrils and said it was great so I had a look at the prices for next year also, couldn't justify the cost to be honest

You should get decent apartment accomodation a lot cheaper

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