I was at the dentist recently and I overheard another patient requesting for a receipt from reception because he wants to claim the VAT back.

I have spent quite a few bob at the dentist and I was wondering if it's possible to claim it back? How should I go about doing it? I have the receipts.

Thanks in advance.

sidcon Registered User

Dental Expenses
Which dental treatment expenses qualify for tax relief?

Tax legislation specifically excludes relief for expenditure incurred on the extraction, scaling and filling of teeth and the provision and repairing of artificial teeth or dentures. These items are excluded from relief even if there is an underlying medical condition that gives rise to the dental treatment or if the treatment in a particular case is considered to be of a non-routine nature.

A treatment for which relief is claimed must be considered in the light of the above exclusion (i.e. relief for the cost of any work carried out may not be allowed where the treatment is an extraction, scaling or filling of teeth, etc.)

If, however, the treatment is, for example, of an orthodontic nature, involving the extraction of a tooth as part of that treatment, relief would be allowed for the cost of the orthodontic treatment excluding the cost of the extraction.

An exception to this rule is the cost of the surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth carried out either in a hospital or in a dental surgery, which is allowable.
Claims for non-routine dental treatment

An individual claiming relief on Form Med 1 for non-routine dental treatment must hold a Form Med 2 (Dental) which is signed and certified by the dental practitioner. The forms are supplied to dentists through the Irish Dental Association.

A list of treatments for which relief may be allowed.
Non-routine dental treatment outside the State

Non-routine dental treatment obtained outside the State may be allowed provided the dentist is a qualified practitioner (i.e. entitled under the laws of the country in which the care is provided to practise dentistry there). A pdfForm Med 2 - Dental Expenses (PDF, 257KB) - Certificate by Dental Practitioner must be completed by the dentist.


Cheers. I only got a filling and an extraction done so it seems I don't qualify for it.

derekeire Registered User

Just ask your dentist for a Med2 form when treatment is finished or at the end of the year. Submit it as part of a Med1 form. Goto revenue.ie for all the details of how to claim.

Clinical Dental tech Registered User

You can use the med2 form to put the dental work down as an expense but there is no VAT on dental treatment

Mr. Incognito Registered User

People seem to be confusing Income tax VAT and business expenses.

There is no VAT on dental treatment (or any medical treatment)

You can claim non reimbursed dental expenses subject to the above post as to what you can claim for

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