cml387 Registered User

I got a bit bored with his forecasts of cold doom last winter, but this seems a bit OTT.

Sponge Bob Banned

We don't know what happened (it is a permaban), so keep an eye on this thread below and with any luck he will be back in time for them whiteout Blizzards in September.

Jake1 Registered User

em what?? Darkman2 banned, are yiz messing?? cant see thread saying he was banned

aw sorry just saw the thread above

Seems its a mistake

cml387 Registered User

He was too optimistic about the good weather lasting through the weekend.

He essentially banned himself.

sparrowcar Registered User

Lads I got banned for questioning a MOD in here before... best to keep your opinions to yourselves as per the rules or they'll hunt you down

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Trogdor Registered User

As far as i can he is not banned from the weather forum in particular and none of the weather mods have banned him, I suppose he may have been site-banned by someone else but i do not know.

delw Registered User

"Free the Darkman2"

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He is a very active ( and occasionally contraversial) poster across much of the site, nothing to do with weather!

M.T. Cranium Registered User

I had a look at his recent posts and can't see very much there to provoke a ban, suppose there could be a deleted post we can't see, but in any case, Darkman2 is a very valuable member of the weather forum and we all hope this ban is either a mistake or a very brief one.

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Nabber Registered User

Permaban. Most likely a duel account. That's what WildBill was banned for.

Not saying they have duel accounts. But most likely is that.

Redsunset Registered User

Lads, a siteban will be dealt with by Admin and is not up for discussion on here In fact it can be deemed as back seat modding which is a breach of site rules. Start threads about the weather please and let the situation unfold on its own. Thank you.
Closing this.

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