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New to this forum, Usually i hang out in the 4X4 threads. I have an Intel Core i5-650 processor (3.2GHZ) and am building a new pc. Previously i ve had the core to duo which is getting a little tired at this stage. II used American Megatrends Ince for the mother board last time and found it to be really good but i cant seem to locate one for the i5 chip? are they gone or did someone buy them out???


They don't make motherboards anymore. There are many motherboards for i5, just search for LGA1156 motherboards.
Could a mod please put this in pc building and upgrading?

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Asus use Megatrends Bios for their (new) motherboards. I have the P8Z68 motherboard socket 1155 and it's Megatrends bios.

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Try get this if you can..

it has megatrends bios.


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