OnTheCouch said:
Average male with no real fighting experience? No chance, you'd be on the floor before you even saw the punch coming. Sounds like an alcohol-fuelled question asked by wannabe macho lads down the pub.

Was just thinking the same thing!!

Anyone that thinks no is obviously extremely ignorant to what it takes to be an olympic level boxer let along gold medalist, well either that or they're semi-retarded.

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This reminds me of the time Frank Skinner thought he could throw together a group of his celebrity male friends, take on the England women's international football team & beat them, because.. well, they are lads and lads are better than ladies at football.

Not. They had their arses handed to them on a plate after the ladies thrashed them without hardly breaking a sweat.

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Foxhole Norman Registered User

Throw Chris Brown in the ring.

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She would beat above average men..rumor has it chuck norris postponned his planned vacation to Ireland..he was babbling about exchange rates and political instability but people could see the terror in his eyes...apparently he dissed her on a super heroes dating website.


Foxhole Norman said:
Throw Chris Brown in the ring.

foxhole norman chris brown? are ye guys from the typing school? the brown fox jumped over chris normon.X100


Heckler said:
Against a vicious no holds barred street brawler scumbag whos been in many street fights , biting, headbutting, tearing ears and willing to slam your face into the footpath repeatedly, I'd say no. Against me or anyone like me............i'd run.

At a guess most street brawls go to the ground. Good footwork is useless then and most punches are severely shortened. Knees, maybe elbows and heads come into play. Strength also is a big factor.

I digress. Against a regular joe as described ya she'd probably knock a few lumps outta him alright. I wouldn't mess with her.

No. Not a hope. The scumbag would be knackered running around trying to get close to her after 20 seconds, then she'd hit him once and it would be all over. Do you have any idea of the pounds pressure one of these athletes exert in a punch? Bare fisted punch, your arm would snap from one punch, no joking at all. As in off to hospital to get a plaster fitted. If you took a punch to the ribs, your ribs would be broken. To the head, and you no longer have control of your body. Ever watched Jackass where one of the clowns gets put in the ring with a Thai Boxer? (A ham and eggs Thai boxer). Going easy, the Thai lad destroys Jackass boy within seconds, at no risk whatsoever to himself. Up against any Olympic standard boxer, a man who was not also a skilled boxer would look like a child getting beaten by an adult.

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The overhang on the average Irishman would crush her. As he fell from the boxing he got.

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Foxhole Norman said:
Throw Chris Brown in the ring.

It'd be nice to see a women batter the crap out of him to see how he likes it.

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Seaneh Banned

Brutal Deluxe said:
Better one: Makikomi vs Katie, for the honour Boards.

But OP, no, most men (and women) woud be utterly destroyed by her.

In a boxing match, she's hammer him.

In a brawl, he's just throw her around.

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Average 5'10 male, 14 fucking stone? that's 196lbs!

I'm 6ft and 165 lbs. I'm not a small guy either

Even if I was that weight in pure muscle I'd have my ass handed back to me black and blue by her.


1ZRed said:
Average 5'10 male, 14 fucking stone? that's 196lbs!

Are you insinuating that the OP is a fat bastard?

Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Foxhole Norman said:
Throw Chris Brown in the ring.
Though not really a fan of the pugilist arts I'd pay to see that*. I suspect Ms Taylor though a god fearing lass would do that fight for nothing more than a whip around for her local church. And for the lulz.

Ms Katie Taylor, Olympic Gold medalist, world champion Katie Taylor. Been in hundreds of bouts. Probably thousands. Now look at her face. She's a fine looking young woman. This may be an indicator of her prowess. Look at Muhammed Ali in his prime. Good looking man. There's a reason for that...

I have to say I'm an admirer of hers. Seems like a very together and quiet person who lets her long honed skills and talent speak for her. Good luck to her and TBH questions like this make me throw my eyes up to heaven. If parallel universes exist I like to think those talking big are in the ring with her as we speak in one of them getting their arses handed to them on a plate.

*I've watched her fights when they've come on. Both from the oul patriotism angle and because I love to watch people who excel, even in things I'm not particularly interested in. Shít I even watched a premier darts match once because the chubby English lad chucking the little pub arrows was a complete master.

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Duiske Registered User

DanWall said:
I would not like to be married to her

Not sure why not. http://cdn.independent.ie/multimedia/dynamic/01088/katie-taylor_1088604t.jpg


starbelgrade said:
Are you insinuating that the OP is a fat bastard?

Not at all but I don't think that's average weight for someone of that height

garv123 Registered User

Am I meant to answer yes to the thread title or no to the question in the thread?

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