I am just enquiring if anyone of the admins or mods have any knowledge or information regarding accessing the site via the three network?

Up until today (midday roughly) I've had no problem accessing the site using mobile networki nternet (as in 3G or H+) but since midday today, the site just will not load, with error signs displayed on the handset.

Every other site is working as normal via mobile, and once i got home today and piggy backed off my wifi it connected immediately.

A few posters on the three site have confirmed the problem with their devices also. I'm waiting on an official 3 rep to respond.

Finally, I'd all customer care, but (anyone on 3 will know why i haven't bothered)

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Same problem here.

Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

Seems to be a common problem, happened to me as well. The admins haven't been made aware of any particular issues, but I think this is more one for Three to respond to. As you have started a thread in the Three Talk To... forum, I'm going to lock this one. If anyone wants to view or post in the other thread it can be found here.

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Hey there folks,

I just wanted to clarify what's happened here. Boards has what was a hyper aggressive anti spam script that would detect potential spammers and ban their IP range directly. This script triggered a false positive for the Three Mobile IP range and so caused customers to be blocked from accessing Boards.

We've obviously enough removed that block and we've heavily modified the script to make sure that this doesn't happen for Irish IPs.

So, not Three's fault here folks and the guilty script has been suitably punished.

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