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I get most the F1 news from (as well as reading this forum of course), but seeing as they are now only allowing a limited number of free news stories (something like 50 per month), I was wondering where else other boardsies get their news for F1?

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I am a bit partial to GP update myself.

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Mostly autosport - have been happy to pay since the AtlasF1 days, also F1Fanatic, scarbs, BBC, James Allen.

Not a fan of Pitpass, most insular place on the internet.

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This site pulls articles from many other websites from around the world and posts them as they are released.

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I use twitter to follow all the main F1 news sites as well as the drivers and teams.

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bbc and planet f1

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countygorey said:
bbc and planet f1

Planet F1 is like the Daily Mail of F1 news reporting, full of sensationalism and bias.

F1 Fanatic will serve you well.

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kartincolin Registered User

Autosport website and SPEED app

donspeekinglesh Registered User

TheChrisD said:

unfortunately no more.

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If you have a smart phone this is a humdinger and its free. It pulls in the news from all the sites from around the web.

Its the best app on my phone.

Get the new version obviously

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