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Hey Lads

An odd one i know, not aware of too many airport modelers around, bur anyway shur! I said id show it!

As ye can see, iv been building a 1:400 scale model of Dublin Airports Pier B, still a working progress, few finer deatails on the roof etc.. and air bridges obviously. Im planing to finish it off with the original orange Aer Rianta bridges and and make up the surrounding apron, the apron in these photos is from my first attempt, right here thats why its a little scruffy. The ground floor part is mostly guess work and i realise now that its a bit inaccurate but its impossible to find photos of it and you can really see anything at the airport so any help there would be spiffing! Thanks

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Nice work very intricate I'm sure you will find the photos you're looking for here someone will have some but ask at the airport they might give you some info if you're very very very nice ! its worth a try good luck with your model

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I like it !
Unusual and original choice, and a nice diorama.

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