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Hi all

I've heard so many good reviews of the clarisonic skin cleansing brushes, I'm seriously thinking of investing. It's in my basket in Sephora online - just waiting for someone to talk me into/out of taking the plunge!

Living in the US right now and with the hot humid summer my skin is in bits - oily, huge pores and constant battles with spots. I'm 28 and my skin is now worse than when I was a teenager

Anyone have one? If so, was it worth it?

Anyone have any of the equivalents? I hear Sigma do one, and Olay.

Help greatly appreciated.


I haven't bought a Clarisonic (as much as I'd love one, the price is a bit prohibitive over here), but from any reviews I've seen on blogs/youtube, they really do sound fantastic.

I'd recommend looking a few reviews to see if that helps make up your mind. I know there are recent good reviews on and (both great blogs). However, the guy who does the gossmakeupartist videos on YT gave it a pretty bad review :/ (I'd link to the specific reviews but I'm don't have time right now sorry!). Look it up on MakeupAlley too to see the general reviews. Hope that helps!!

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Eerie Registered User

Thanks Seren - will check those out. I think the problem is that I read all the glowing reviews, then in the middle of them will be a terrible one. After spending $150, I don't want to be the person who thinks its terrible

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My friend bought one about a month ago and she loves it. Says it has cleared her skin really well, she had a bit of adult acne.

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I have one

Had read in reviews that it would improve skin tone/appearance, TBH I didn't find this, but it definately stops breakouts and in the event I did get one, it cleared much quicker than before.

I don't know if its work $130..

If you do get one, I've found that the replacement heads are cheaper in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum than online....

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Eerie Registered User

Thanks for all the replies guys. I think my arm has been sufficiently twisted Get paid on Thursday so will order then. I'll report back how I get on...

Sheela Registered User


Will you let me know what cleanser you use with this?

I used the Clarsonic one that came with it and then moved onto a Nutrogena one which I'm not 100% happy with.. so would be interested to see what someone else uses

Eerie Registered User

It arrived yesterday! Just used it for the first time as it says you should charge for 24 hours before use. I lasted 18ish - but couldn't wait anymore
Was more gentle than I expected but I felt like my skin was super smooth after. So far... I like
Used my Philosophy foaming cleanser with it and seems to work well with it. Got a Boscia one with it - it's a black gel and looked weird so didn't try it for the first go.
I'll report back after a couple of weeks use and let y'all know how I get on.

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Eerie Registered User

Hi again,

I said I'd report back so here I am!

Have been using my clarisonic 1-2 times per day for the last month. I initially was using the deep pore cleansing brush head with my philosophy foaming cleanser and I liked it but I did not see much improvement in my skin - it definitely helped with removing all my make-up but was making no difference to my large pores and break-outs. After reading another few blogs/you tube guru recommendations, I switched to the sensitive brush head and haven't looked back. I've only been using this brush for a week but can already tell that my skin is looking better. My pores are smaller and I have much fewer blackheads on my nose, and no new ones! I guess the other brush head was just too harsh.
I ran out of my philosophy cleanser yesterday and have been using a sample of a clinique foaming wash-off cleanser and actually like it better. Just bought the full size so we'll see how this goes.

Hope this was of help to someone!

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AineK Registered User

Hi Eerie,

I'm seriously considering getting a clarisonic having read all I can about it the few days. I was just wondering which model do you have? I was thinking of getting the Mia 2..

Thanks in advance


The Gaurdian newspaper lists it as one of the best beauty investment tools

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Sheela Registered User


I have one - its the Mia 2.

As far I know, the difference between the Mia and the Clarsonic Plus, is that you can use the Plus on your face and body and the Mia is for your face only...

Saw that Guardian article at the weekend - its the second time that Sali Hughes has included it in her best Beauty Tools column...

pushkii Registered User

Eek ive ordered the clarisonic as a special Christmas treat to myself. is. it really a great product? what's the best cleaner to use with it? CANT. WAIT !!!

ams Registered User

this post pushed me over the edge to buy a second hand one on ebay and two new brushes. I got the sensitive brushes so hopefully they will do the trick - really sick of my skin at this stage in my life so hopefully this will be an improvement.

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slowmoe Registered User

I have the clarisonic plus and i would 100% recommend it. If it ever broke i'd be having a series of mini heart attacks until i got another. I find my skin is much cleaner using it, feels better(like it feels good, hard to explain!!!), my redness is def less and hardly get break outs at all but they heal really quick. My skin is a lot more radiant and glowy too. I've had people say my lines have lessened but i don't know if thats the clarisonic or my skincare.

I do use it on my body too as the plus is ok for that. I really notice the difference on my thighs and bum, cellulite isn't as apparent and my skin is a lot smoother. I'm doing laser on my legs too and clarisonic is definitely helping with keeping my skin good for that. Its worth saying that the clarisonic is waterproof so you can use it in the shower which i find unbelievably handy as it only takes one min so its very simple to do in the shower and i've found i haven't been leaving it out of my routine.

As another poster said its cheaper in Harvey Nichols than online, the clarisonic itself and the brushes. Its much much cheaper than asos, on asos its 249 euro and i got it in harvey nicks for 202!!!!

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