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Hey guys,

I'm off to get my eyes tested during the week but I also want to ask them about contacts too.

They told me on the phone that the eye test would be €15 but they never mentioned anything about if the contact consultation would cost anything.

Has anyone got this done and know if they charge for the consultation?


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I joined Specsavers last year. I booked an eye test, which I thought would also include a contacts consultation but I was wrong and ended up paying more than I thought.

The basic eye test was €15, then the test for contact lenses was another €20, and I also went away with 2 weeks trial of daily disposable lenses for €16.50.

This was July 2011 so prices may be different now.

convert Moderator

I didn't have the above experience. I went into Specsavers in October with a previous prescription (from elsewhere) and paid about 20 euro for a contacts eye test. I then chatted with the girl who tested my eyes about whether or not my eyes were suitable for contacts, and then explained my options for different types of contacts.

I then met another girl who gave me a tutorial in putting in and taking out contacts, and she got me to do it a few times in front of her before she gave me a supply of 5 days contacts to practice with and get used to, and then I went back in a few days to have my eyes checked again to make sure everything was ok, and only then did I place an order and pay for contacts. The trial pairs were free.

Maybe give them a call again and ask if the test is the same for contacts/glasses, and ask them the exact cost. I often find with most customer service people (from any background) the only way to get the information you want is to ask very specific questions.

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