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The Salt River here is frequented every weekend by "tubers", people who float down the river on inner tubes, and float coolers of beer, stereo systems etc along beside them.

The alcohol tends to result in large numbers of items ending up at the bottom of the river.

This is just about half of what we found in 1 day.

Whoever dropped the item in picture 3 was probably not very popular with his friends for the rest of the day!

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Eh, yeaaah, that last one is mine. Thanks

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999/112 Registered User

In a river...... and I thought it was sea weed!

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Corkbah Registered User

shows my innocence .... have no idea what pic 3 is !!

Pkiernan Registered User

Here's a hint:

bradknowell Registered User

Weird things to find lol.

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"Tubers" I think you need to explain a bit more, sounds like a fun dive site

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