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Hi all,

I'm using Chrome and over the past day or two I've started noticing the white page with a turn at the top on a number of websites, the icon is below:

I can remember that since I've been using Chrome (for about a year now) the aforementioned symbol has never come up before, instead it's usually the 3rd one down on that list (the key with the yellow lock) and then it turns green when entering passwords etc (which it still does for Facebook, Twitter and on here). For example, when on the log into Boards screen the symbol turns green to indicate it's safe to log in, but when I do log in the white page returns and tells me my connection to the Boards website is not encrypted which never usually happens.

My question is basically should I be worried about this symbol being displayed when using Google search, browsing forums without being logged in and browsing other websites etc or is it normal? I just find it strange how it has never been there before and all of a sudden has started appearing now out of the blue.

Every computer in the house has now started displaying the above symbol and I can't recall seeing it on any of them up until now.

I've ran scans and can't seem to find any problems.


Paully D Registered User

After further research it seems that Chrome have dropped the ''https://'' part from the start of websites which explains why the green secure symbol is missing. However, this apparently happened last year although for some reason it's only just coming up on my computers now. Strange, but I think I've found the reason anyway.

Any other thoughts etc?

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