Trout99 Registered User

My xbox got stolen any ways on how to track it?
any help much appreciated

saiint Banned

theirs no possible way at all
unless you put a tracker inside the xbox itself then unfortunatly its gone mate

if he logs in with your gamertag
you can track his ip address , but youd have to involve the guarda to do that and microsoft

Bam Bam Mickey Registered User

Have you it registered?
MS could block it from accessing Live, but that's about it.

FutureGuy Moderator


Do you have your gamertag set to auto sign in? I'm wondering if MS could get the IP if it happened?

bennyc Registered User

MS might be able to tell you the MAC address of the last log in on your profile and find it online that way.
I doubt they would but maybe they could have it banned from live at the least

calex71 Closed Account

If the xbox is connected to live they would be able to get the IP address from it , from that you could figure out the Service Provider, the service provider would be able to tell you which of it's customers was assigned that IP address .......... This all goes out the window though as none of the parties involved would just hand over that kind of info freely without court orders

At the very least OP change your password for your live account and get MS to ban it from live.

Seaan125 Registered User

you would need a serial number and if he signes into live ms could track him

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