Interferon Gamma Registered User

Name: Craig
Year/Course: SS Immunology (Oh noes)
Age: 22
Societies/Clubs/interests: Japanese Soc, Q soc.

skyscraperblue Registered User

Name: Karen
Year/Course: JF Mathematics
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: Literary society, maths society and after that we'll see what happens! maybe orchestra? and maybe athletics?

TIMR007ROX Registered User

Name: Tadhg
Year/Course: JF Computer Science
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/Interests: Music (anything), Astrology, Psychology, Computing

Random_Person Registered User

Name: George
Year/Course: JF Human Health + Disease
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: Food and Drink, Biology, French, Ultimate Frisbee.. a lot I want to get involved in

Ash_M Registered User

Name: Aisling
Year/Course: SF Maths & English TSM
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/interests: The Phil, gonna try be a bit more active in the MathSoc & SciFi this year... Also debating the merits of taking up a random sport to make me get up off my arse a bit more

AmiF Registered User

Name: Ami
Year/Course: JF Psychology
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/interests: I'll probably join everything like everyone normally does the first week! Definitely want to give a sport a go too, maybe swimming! I Can't wait

spl546 Registered User

Name: Katie
Year/Course: JF Science
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: Horse riding, ill definitely be joining the equestrian club . Chemistry. The food and drink society looks good too. I might take up swimming! Cant wait, but I really hope I get into halls!!

Bottleopener Registered User

Name: Conor
Year/Course: SF Maths/Econ
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/interests: Sci Fi, Mathsoc, hopefully do a sport properly this year, Voluntary Tuition Programme again too

LSP Registered User

Name: Emma
Year/Course: 1st Year Science
Age: 20
Societies/Clubs/interests: No idea yet.... I like photography so possible that

amymak Registered User

Name: Amy
Year/Course: Engineering, Junior Freshman
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/interests: No societies yet, I can't wait to join some though. Maybe debating or something. I love reading and I watch a fair bit of TV.

Paralysis Registered User

Name: Georgia
Year/Course: JF Medicine
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: Rowing, Fencing, Sailing, Cooking

wibblin Registered User

Name: Finola
Year/Course JF Nursing (General)
Age 19
Societies/clubs/interests I have no idea, probably just join whatever ones catch my eye!

Bears and Vodka Registered User

Name: Serge
Year/Course: BESS
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: DUPA (Photography), maybe DUBES and Digital Arts Society as well as Film. I'll see

BeanbagBallbag Registered User

Name: David
Year/Course: JF Theoretical Physics
Age: 19
Societies/Clubs/interests: hmmm , maths soc, physics soc, table tennis, basketball, pool society, swimming etc

Horsovsky Registered User

Name: Ruairi
Year/Course: JF History and Political Science
Age: 18
Societies/Clubs/interests: The Phil and/or The Hist (Is there a difference?), History Society and probably about 20 more that I'll join but never show face at... (PS: I really probably should take up a physical activity!)

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