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Jets were contesting the Superbowl for the 4th time in 5 seasons while the Lions were making their debut.

Q1: Cruel start for the Lions as Gronk fumbled on the 3rd play of the game and sustained a game ending injury. Jets go on a 7 play drive which ends with a 1yd Gore TD run. Deroit had the ball for 8 plays on their next posession but ended up punting.

Q2: Another long Jet drive ends with a 4yd Gore TD run. Detroit hit back with a very long 14 play drive which ends with FB Eldridge hammering it in from 1yd. Jets then went 3 and on ! But no, Detroit have to punt to Jets after 3 plays with 1 minute left in the half. That was enough for Rodgers to engineer a 6 play drive culminating in Barden catching a 8yd TD pass to leave the Jets up 21-7 at the half.

Q3: Jets get the ball first and make it count after 8 plays with a 39yd Keller TD pass. Detroit embark on the longest drive of the game, 14 plays but it ends disappointingly after CJ is stopped on 4th and goal at the Jets 2. Lions defence again struggle and Mike Thomas hauls in a 47yd TD pass.

Q4: Lions hit back and have success as D.Jackson hauls in a 13yd TD pass from Flacco. Gore then fumbles for the Jets but a couple of plays later and Flacco does the same and Graham picks up and returns it 53yds for the TD. The game then fizzles out to leave the Jets victorious 42-14.

CJ was held to 108yds on 28 carries but with the Lions behind from early was not as influential as he could have been and Frank Gore outshone him with 133yds off 22 carries. Jackson was Detroit's best WR with 5 catches for 91yds and a TD, while Mike Thomas, one of 7 Jet receivers to catch a pass also had 5 catches for 110yds and a TD.

Rodgers was 16/22 for 273yds with 3 tDs while Flacco was 11/22 for 166yds with 1TD and 1 Int.

Raoul can justifiable say he got no luck in the game, starting terribly with Gronk fumbling and being knocked out for the game. Kudos to Eamonn as he was very gracious in defeat, he had certainly had plenty of reason to moan at stuff during the game but never did.

So Madden 12 ends with the old dude winning it all. Think it may be my last for a while as you kids are all getting better !

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Congratulations Berty and commiserations Eamonn!

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nerd69 Registered User

congrats berty.........again

unlucky eamon

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Fair play Berty, well done. Unlucky Raoul.

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Congrats Berty ! As rob set in his review of there divisional round game you have to be almost perfect to beat him.

Sure he's going to be the browns next year and finish 4-12 right ?

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It will be really tough next season as the team draft is a great leveller.

My proud Boards record is 88-5, I think that will be shot to pieces by the end of M13.

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Yeah well played Berty. Don't think I was an unlucky as you said. I was very unlucky with my first drive, gronk fumbling and getting injured in the process was a big blow for me as I do like to go to him at short yardage. Also had 1 other fumble.

Other than that I couldn't stop you. I only stopped you once in the whole game and anytime I had you say 3 and 12, you pulled out a big pass. You targeted the right players (presume you did this on purpose), everytime I lined up in nickel, you always passed to the WR that was being covered by my LB. So I really think that tactics, class and experience won.

Felt I had a good offensive game and against anyone else apart from your D, I would have scored a lot more. Even though I had 1 or 2 wild passes that could have been intercepted.

Good game and as usual good chat!! Hopefully see you in Madden 13 superbowl!

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Raoul, I think you are crediting me for more than I know there ! I did not notice that WR was being covered by a LB. I usually work more on variation, stretching the field horizontally and vertically when passing so you don't know where I am targeting. Heyward Bey would have popped open against a LB as he is my quickest receiver.

Missing a top TE is huge in any game, expecially on 3rd downs. My defence just about held up. I was worried about my ability to contain CJ ( just as I had concerns in the previous game against Dave who had Lynch and Woodhead ). Defending the run well is one of the most difficult things to do in this version of the game, particularly so without losing out in other areas ( and you had the deep threat of DeSean ).

No question experience counts for a lot in Madden, which is why with most guys now having played a few seasons and in a few leagues the standard is improving. Its why I think with team draft making it more even you will see different players contesting the final stages of the playoffs in M13.

I hope we do get to meet in another Superbowl, we will have both had good seasons if we do !

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