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Has anyone paddled the Scariff River in Co Clare? I was wondering if I could do it from Lough Graney to Lough Derg, which looks like a great trip on Google Earth.

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Apologies, I have no idea - as you mention Lough Graney, I was just wondering do you know whether the Black River from Lough Atorick to Lough Graney is navigable? Its a hell of a drop in altitude.

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A friend who works in forestry tells me that the stretch from Lough Atoric to Lough Graney 'may' be overgrown with in places. And of course with the funny weather, one day it may be dry and the next day in could be a torrent.

I was hoping to do the Lough Graney to Lough Derg stretch and then explore further up around Lough Atorick. It would make one great route, if you could go all the way from Lough Atorick to Lough Derg.

If I get a chance to get on the water in the next couple of weeks, I'll post the results. (I might bring a machete).

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Thanks Banbh - look forward to hear how you get on.

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Hi, just looking at some OS maps of that area.... Lough Atorick to Lough Graney is a 9-10km trip on the Bleach river, with vertical difference of 90mts. About 1km downstream from Atorick it shows waterfalls (text)
From Lough Graney to Lough O,Grady is approx 12/13km with a vertical difference of 14mts.
Hope this helps. Keep us posted if anybody has a crack at any parts of these.

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