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Hi all,

I just moved to a property where the electricity is provided by Airtricity. I received (as current tenant) a letter from Airtricity requesting the payment of the deposit of 300 euros and to contact them in order to set up an account in my name or they will disconnect me within 5 working days. The problem is that the letter was sent early last week, therefore the disconnection is due tomorrow, although I have been renting just two working days and still waiting for the meter reedings from my landlord.
My question is: can I set up my new account with Electric Ireland instead? How long does it take to open the new account? What happens if in the meantime Airtricity disconnects me?
Considering that I am formally still an Electric Ireland customer from my previous address, would it be better to just transfer my account from there? If this is the case, can I add my wife's name to the account at this stage?

I am sorry for the number of questions, but I feel that it was much easier when landlords were allowed to do everything directly by themselves and I really don't understand the reasons for this new 'data protection' regulations.


Hi Puddu,

We could arrange a supplier switch for you for this property - and when your old account is resurrected, we could add your wife's name to it (once we receive authorisation from her over the phone). However, it could take up to 20 working days for the switch to go through, so we would advise contacting Airtricity immediately to advise them you are setting up supply with Electric Ireland. It is vital that they be contacted, because if they were to disconnect the property during the time the switch is pending, there is a reconnection fee of €79.45.

We can commence the switch for you if you private message us the MPRN (meter point reference number) of the property, the address, your name, your old Electric Ireland account number (beginning with 9) and your contact telephone number.


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