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So sad to hear of Maeve Binchy's passing today.
I read a lot of her book's. Some I often re read and never bore of them. I loved the way she portrayed her characters, often I could imagine her smile as I was reading. Her books are like a balm to my soul. Comfort reading in the loveliest imaginable way
I also liked her when I saw her in interviews, esp with Gay Byrne. She just had a lovely way about her.
Condolences to her family and friends
R.I.P. Maeve Binchy

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Goat the dote Registered User

RIP maeve

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Scorpion Sting Registered User

Rest in peace Maeve, a huge loss to the world of literature.

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Lac21 Registered User

Rest in peace Maeve. I've been reading her books since I was twelve. Have re-read them many times. They are the ultimate comfort read.
In the recent RTE documentary about her life, she came across as a really warm and caring lady. Condolences to her husband Gordon and family.

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I remember reading 'Circle of Friends' as a young teenager and mitching from school when the film came to our local cinema in the mid 90s. Happy days

Maeve will live on through her books.

RIP Maeve Binchy


RTE are showing Maeve Binchy: At Home in the World tonight (Tues) on RTE 1 @ 10:05pm.

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monkeysnapper Registered User

Rip , hope their is a place for her on the other side . Hope they set her a place at the table for the last supper :0)

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RIP Maeve- I have so much respect for her as a writer and was pleasantly surprised to see that she volunteered on an Israeli kibbutz back in the 60s- a woman before her time.

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Dude111 Registered User

Very sad..... All the GOOD people are leaving and people with NO TALENT are taking over

maringo Registered User

Maeve was such a delightful woman to listen to and a wonderful writer. May she rest in peace.

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conningbeg Registered User

RIP Maeve Binchy. You were a great writer and left behind a great legacy.

Rad! Registered User

As the narrator says, take 5 minutes of your time and enjoy Maeve Binchy doing what she does best

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