bodhrandude Registered User

I did this once at the Glasgow Appollo, the gig was The Scorpions with Accept as support about 1982 or 83 I think. Me being quite young and stupid had drank two bottles of cheap wine, not Buckie now but something quite worse. Anyway I got horribly drunk and fell asleep in the aisle. I think I woke up at some point with a blinding headache and I got sick over the chair in front of me, guess what, some guys spanking brand new Blackout Scorpions t shirt and programme was laid out over the top which I filled up with vomit admirably. Then I fell back into the chair for another snooze. Getting woke up by a steward to go home, with an awful headache and not hearing one single note. Needless to say, have not done this since.

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scudzilla Registered User

Many of the old Monster of Rock Festivals i missed the opening bands cos i was too leathered and fell asleep

RayCon Registered User

Mate of mine slept through the 1st night of Metallica on their "And Justice for All" tour in the Top Hat ... he didn't make the same mistake the following night

CardBordWindow Registered User

A friend of mine went to the Saturday of Oxegen a few years ago. He had been working late all week, and was knackered going in. He managed to get in the pit and sat down at the back, with his back against the railing.

He saw Snoop Dogg coming out on stage, and the next thing he remembers is the crowd applauding as he finished his set.

Mushy Registered User

Bell x1 oxegen 06
Avenged sevenfold rds 06
Slipknot sonisphere 11

Lumbo Registered User

Was at Glastonbury last year. We'd brought our seats down to infront of the pit barrier for the start of Don McClean, then saw Laura Marling. All the time I'd been laying into a 4 litre box of wine. Fell asleep and missed most of Paul Simon and there was a gap of about 3 hours in the day. I thought I'd done well as it was the most sleep I'd had since the previous Tuesday.

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doncarlos Registered User

QFX 1996. 16 years old. Carrickmacross Co Monaghan
It was one of my first ever nights out drinking. Threw drink in to me like there was no tomorrow and started to feel a bit sick. Decided to go outside to puke and fell asleep behind a bush. Woke up and my bus was gone. Jumped in to a minibus and got dropped off in main town and decided to walk the 14 miles back home to Dundalk. After walking out the wrong road twice whilst half falling asleep I got a lift home from a very friendly bouncer from Ardee who dropped me home. i arrived in at 8am to be greeted by my very angry mother who had been waiting up for me all night.

Worst part of the night was I fell asleep before QFX ever came on...

dharn Registered User

dire straits in london, was sober, they were just boring

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danniemcq Registered User

PJ Harvey at Slane with the Chili Peppers.

so boring

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blastman Registered User

Slept through part of a Cry Before Dawn gig in the Midnight At The Olympia days. I was stone cold sober, too, just had been working mountains of overtime as it was the run up to Christmas and I was working in retail..... Registered User

Pavement in The Red Box. Drink induced.

Pdfile Registered User

i fell asleep atdownload when metallica where playing until eric bell came out... then fell asleep again... metaliica bores me to tears so its acceptable.

ciaranf92 Registered User

I was going in and out of consciousness whilst standing up during Nick Cave at Oxegen.

It was the saturday night and I hadn't slept since Wednesday night/Thursday morning before I arrived.
Ended up missing the last 4 songs or so including the duet with Shane McGowan.
Still angry with myself

iamstop Moderator

I was just finished a 12 hour shift and went in to see Dillinja in what used to the Temple Bar Music Center. Fell asleep on some coats for the middle bit. Banging drum n bass and me snuggled up on jackets. Ah well.

Chris.Buckley Registered User

Foo fighters last year at oxegen. not drink induced, just hadn't slept for days. I awoke to an empty arena bar maybe 30-40 people. strange experience..

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