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CI+ means MHEG5

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watty said:
CI+ means MHEG5

...packaged as standard, but only if a CI+ module is onboard. Some of the chipsets (like the ALI m3606 on the fergusons/amikos etc) would have to have included a CI+ module rather than a CI one for the software to be included in the stb. AFAIK they have only installed CI slots.

The NXP8735 Combo STBs (OEM is Sowell) will start appearing and they come with CI+ modules as standard.

CI+ is mainly about keeping sky happy though....

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STB said:
Just to add to the confusion.... I had posted this before.


The Cush had picked up on the word "evolve". It is highly likely that the EBU Text currently carried on the Mux might be discontinued, but I did wonder given how small an amount of space it takes up in addition to the MHEG5 data carousel, how committed RTE would be to dropping it, given they know that not everyone is using Saorview approved equipment, especially those with working IDTVs that arent fully compliant on the MHEG side.

What Gerry has posted does seem to be fairly clear in my view given what hasn't been said in the past. Its just a pity they are referring to it using the word Analogue.

That would appear to say that the "Analogue" will evolve into "Digital" for teletext services ..... which to me means that the EBU text we currently receive will be dropped in time, but maybe not immediately on ASO.

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