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***Match Thread*** Tue 31/7 19:15 WES1 v SMH

Clay - In
Conor - Out
Keith -
Jules - Out
Ciaran - In
Cathal - In
Collie - In
Joe - In
Wes - In
Gavan - Out
Gar - Out
Cormac -
Dave - In
Stano - In
David Kelly -

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Collie has at least one extra coming (Luke)
I have 1 extra (Conor)
Ed isn't 100% fit but might be able to do a job if we're very stuck

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ya ill be there if needed but i hurt my shoulder playing GAA sunday so not really in great shape to play.

des will keep me updated anyway if your still short.

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4-4 draw. mental game!

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homerjay2005 said:
4-4 draw. mental game!

It was a bit ridiculous, convinced you guys paid our goalie a few quid though

I see Monks lost 2-0 so that's a 2nd place finish for you, congrats

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2nd again lads...
At this rate we're gonna have to change our name to "bridesmaids FC" for next year.
Well done to everyone involved this season.
It was probably the season we've been most affected by players' (un)availability with weddings, honeymoons, Poland on top of the usual injury and work interruptions that are part and parcel of this league.
We were missing players so often this season and it really impacted our ability to get up a head of steam and get a momentum going. This is borne out in our results.
We showed last night that we can be as good as the team that romped away with the league. After that is just consistency and not dropping silly points.

Thanks again to Des and Mick for the organization and efforts they put in again this season.

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