Snickers Man Registered User

Just browsing through the Fox News website, as one does, and I came across this rant by one of those nutcases who is currently jumping on the bandwagon which claims that Obama is anti-business because he appeared to say, if you take his remarks out of the full context, that business owners didn't build their own businesses; government did.

(He didn't say that, actually, but if you edit the tape accordingly, it can sound as if he might have)

Anyway this wide-eyed muppet lets fly with a good old-fashioned rant but see if you can spot the unfortunate boo boo about 50 seconds in. Think he gets the inventor of the cotton gin mixed up with an actor famed for his various portrayals of Mexican bandits.

"You know what you are? You are one dumb son of a ba-eeyah eeyah!"

coylemj Registered User

Fox News (far and balanced - NOT!) have a right-agenda and feed nutty propaganda to idiots with low levels of education and intelligence who don't know any better. The people they employ start off with an agenda and massage facts to match the required outcome.

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