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hi ppl...i want to get 3 micro dermal peircing across my wrist does any1 hav any idea hw much they cost??? thanks for help)

Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

It's about €60-80 per dermal so you're looking at €180 for 3. Please don't pick the cheapest place to get it done. As a general rule good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good.

Also it's worth noting that piercings in the wrist area can be a pain. They're very prone to rejection due to the amount of movement in the area and also can get caught on things like when you're putting hands in pockets and whatnot.

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Agreed. Also dermal piercings are a bit tricker to master cleanly from what I have heard, so a cheap place may do it, but would they do it well?


I paid €60 each for mine, got them on the back of my neck. As the lads said they can be prone to rejection, Ive two scars that look like pimples where they rejected and I had to take them out. But they do look cool, kept catching them on t-shirts and hoodys though!

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I don't know anyone who has managed to properly heal dermals, they are a pretty big pain and leave scars. Give it a lot of thought!

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Think carefully about gettin dermals. i got one under my lip, and the skin grew over it and now i have a 1cent coin size scare where it used to be

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Microdermals are pretty robust when inserted correctly and should heal quite uneventfully. It's all about placement with them to be honest and some area's on the body just won't settle in well. You mentioned you wanted to get them on/near your wrist. That's an extremely high traffic area and I wouldn't have much faith in them settling. They work best in area's where's there's not a lot of movement/banging.

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