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Hi all.
My husband has a 1972 beetle for years now. It has always had fumes and petrol smells from it but now that we have 2 young children I am more concerned.

Are these fumes dangerous to his health?

When he gets out of the car he smells of petrol and when I travel in it I get a headache and feel nauseous. I obviously don't like the kids travelling in it either.

The car runs well and is regularly serviced. The fumes were always a part of it even when it had a expensive overhaul.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Yes, I would consider it harmful.

Check the exhaust/heater exchange system as the Beetle uses exhaust gases to heat the air for the cabin unlike a normal water-cooled car and if it rusts, it will let fumes into the cabin.

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The carburetor may need a tune up or may have a small leak,all gaskets should be checked,exhaust, inlet manifold, etc.
Check the fuel line from the tank back for leaks.

antodeco Warning: Contains traces of nuts

Has it been changed to an unleaded head or is he putting in a lead additive to the petrol?

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Sounds like your heat exchangers are screwed, leaking exhaust fumes into the car. ...and yes, obviously very dangerous.

Petrol fumes could be coming from the tank as it's right in front of the dash, check the filler neck etc. The fuel lines can break up over time and should be renewed every few years, there is one under the tank, another from the chassis forks into the engine bay, they dry out and become brittle.

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Talking to a chap yesterday, got Carbon mon(di?)oxide poisioning - knocked the stuffing out of him for 3 months he said, but considered himself lucky to be alive.
Don't know if Emilio (Emilio's Beetles) is good or not, but he'd be the Beetle man to see I reckon

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...or (Rathcoole) (Castledermot, Co. Kildare)

Eirespares - Martin Murray (Monard Co. Tipp) (5km from Exit 10 on the M9 Motorway) (Oranmore)

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Thanks guys - all very helpful. I have passed this thread onto him so hopefully we will get it sorted.

Really appreciate all the feedback.

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