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Hi I got my first summer job this year, Im 16 and I pay tax, PRSI + USC, all that craic (i dont know the specifics tbh) A few people have told me that I can claim tax back when I finish the job and go back to school..
Can someone please give me more info about this? send me links to the relevant revenue websites if you can.. Much appreciated

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firstly well done on getting a job - have you informed Revenue that you are working and received a Tax Credits Certificate?

Are you getting a payslip - that will tell you what tax/PRSI/USC you are paying and should tell you what tax rate you are on too. If you are paying tax you might not be on the correct rate of tax as normally students who haven't worked previously in a tax year (Jan-Dec) end up with more allowances than they earn. Firstly ask employer what tax band you are on. If its anything other than "normal" (ie it could be "emergency" or "week 1") then ring Revenue and ask for it to be adjusted. Secondly, if you do pay tax and assuming you go back to school/study in Sept, then you can send your P45 into the tax office and you should receive a refund.

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hey thesimpsons (nice name by the way ), now im nearly even more ive looked back over my payslips and for the first two weeks the tax band was ''emergency'', after that though it was ammended to normal automatically..also thanks for the link but I dont think it really deals with my situation, not your fault tho so i just have one more question..can i claim tax back on the first two ''emergency'' week? and if so, how? Can i also claim tax back on the ''normal'' weeks? I presume thats through the same means as the ''emergency'' weeks?...

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