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Right, so after a lot of back-and-forth on the issue of self-promotion and feedback and so on, I'm going to add this thread at least. This is for the video that you are most proud of. If someone gave you one shot, one opportunity to promote your YouTube channel to the world, what video would you pick?

I'd like if people were watching the videos and comments here are allowed naturally. This is not a looking for feedback thread though - weigh in on that particular discussion about promotion HERE.

I am going to avoid posting a video of mine for the moment, because I am currently working on the video that I hope to feature. Looking forward to seeing what ye have in store though.

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For me it has to be a specific movie from my Click Boom WoW PvP Series on WCM.

"Click Boom - Sympathy For Lady ShadowPriest v2" was hands down the most successful WCM movie I've ever made, released 2009-01-27.


I'm so so so struggling hard to put this over my older movie, "Click Boom - Platoon" which was a better representation of how movie making (of gaming) was making a direct impact on my want to improve both my playing as well as my editing (Photoshop, Adobe Premiere) and said movie is when the series truly started getting a dedicated following, but ultimately Sympathy v2 wins in the end for being the pinnacle).

WCM Members can probably download the full original file from the archive - I'd rather people did that than watched the crummy YouTube 2-Part reupload.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The point of the movie was the showcase the struggle and underpowered nature of ShadowPriests in Wrath Of The Lich King, to which any self-respecting WoW player will know about - These days they are considered strong, boarderline OP - Back then, you would do well to find anyone willing to partner with you in Arena when they could take any other class and have more success than a Shadow Priest due to them being flat-out worse than anything else.

Despite being heavily underpowered, here I came with a 20minute long Shadow Priest comedic PvP movie out of absolutely nowhere that people appreciated purely because it was an underpowered Shadow Priest having some fun and giving some faith that PvP was still possible to remotely enjoy as an SP, compared to all the other movies splashed over WCM at the time, which would have most likely have been "2400 Rated Mage/Rogue/Warlock/DeathKnight/InsertAnyOtherClassHere etc" Arena movies, whereas mine was purely about BG and World PvP (Due to said lack of arena partners due to my characters class making me 100% undesireable in Arena).

There's so much I love about it, from the up-beat jokey nature to the really bitter boarderline depressing dismal ending that some even considered to be cinematic, even if it's just epic music in tune with a scene showing the whole point/message of the movie (Which was "This is how it is when you PvP on a Priest".

Some of the comments to my movies still make me shed an internet tear of pride and joy and, ultimately, my movies hammered home the point that my series was trying to say - That Priests needed love from the devs, which they eventually got in Cataclysm to put them back on the map again (And no, it wasn't thanks to me).

Even though the movies are old (And some would say, well, probably a load of crap) I'd like to think I got a message across to people and entertained some along the way. Despite being many more Click Booms in the series, they never quite matched this one in terms of popularity, even ones (both older and newer) that even I consider 'better' than this one.

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text - I can't NOT take a bit of pride in some of my really ancient work, even if it's no good, because these are labours of love that all have a meaning or reference to a point of my gaming life that always sticks in mind.

I've made well over 1000 movies (I've deleted half my YouTube list over the years) so threads like this are... Difficult, for me

For any WoW purists, the majority of complaint about the movie came from people who didn't understand the UI.

The portrait to the left of my map is my character (HP/MP), to the right is my target (HP/MP) and to the right of that is their target - Anything else is party frames and are ignorable.

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Thank you for being the first to take the spotlight and the pressure which that entails. I'll admit I'm not a huge WoW player (and by that I mean I've never played it!), but the vid was well put together. Music was synced well and I liked the extra touches (use of the animation - we've all been there with server drops - and the snapshot photography).

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Oh christ theres a decision....I suppose I'll have this post as a placeholder anyway.

I would have to choose a gameplay/commentary video where myself and one of the lads decided to drink and record ourselves playing PS2. Sounds weird, I know.
Atkins & Dave Play : Return of the King

Overall I would still pick the LOTR video, because I had fun recording it really. I have been considering getting more into purely editing lately. Trying to get the guys together to record is getting harder, and I've grown bored with recording on my own really.

I've gotten comments suggesting such and such a video is great and should be continued, but my I still stick to my own favourites really. It still gets put up as the channel's main video now and then.

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Ropedrink I usually wouldn't look at a WOW video at all, but I really enjoyed the music and the editing there!

RopeDrink SpamBlammer 2000 ™

Thanks Sabre & Mitch.

It's not a pressure on me, Sabre, I'd talk about movies all day, beit my own or just the hows or whats of making them - As said in other threads, if I was incapable of making movies of my gaming, I highly doubt I'd have played some of said games for even half as long as I did - 6 years of playing WoW was only possible because along those years I was making 'memories' via movies of it - In the end I grew so bored of WoW that the only reason I kept playing was BECAUSE there was a shot at still making a fun, entertaining movie out of it, which in turn adds longevity in itself outside of the game.

I have stopped both watching and making WoW videos, so I can understand how it's a bit awkward having to watch or review a movie to a game you do not play - It'd be like me watching a video of COD or something - You get the general grasp and gist, but you can't appreciate it 'as much' unless you actually play, or have played, it.

@Mitch, thank you - I was never an amazing editor but I did try to add as much as I could, from snapshots to machinima and everything else - Making movies is more a want of learning and making 'something' out of my gaming, than it is a showcase of me 'enjoying a game' so even though I now don't play WoW, I can say those 6 years provided a lot of 'memories' as well as taught me a lot outside of the game - Always a good thing.

I'll try get around to watching above video later today once I've finished eating

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Would it be against what you want for this thread for me to pop up 2 videos Sabre? I do some very different things on my vids (straight commentated match ups then tutorials and the like the odd time).

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Yup, work away Doom.

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Only got to watch the trailer so far Mitch, but looks really good. Nicely done! Maybe a couple of instances where I would have had a transition sooner or later (to match a beat that I've picked out), but a really good trailer.

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About as good as it's going to get for me (at long last)

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I have 2 video's if that's ok, out of the 70 or so i put up -
The first is mass effect 3 animation and i put this as my main simply because of the work that went in to it.
I spent 100's of hours every evening after work drawing all these little images and editing them into a 5 min little film about mass effect 3

My goal was to take the piss a bit out of the ending and make an enjoyable watch. Its a pity it never picked up but I'm still quite proud of it non the less, if anything i learned quite a bit about animation

The second is more to show what i wanted to do with the channel which was to help people be better at gaming content so i had started a tutorial on macro and keybinding for mmo's, more specifically star wars when it released. This one got a lot more attention over the last 8 or so months.

Both kinda show what i want my channel to be about which is learning something in gaming and taking the piss out of it too.. its all meant to be fun so why not get the best out of it.

Unfortunately it doesn't feel that way and every time i try really hard to promote a new video, it doesn't seem to get any attention which can be very depressing, but out of the few subs i have made during the time, i hope i can at least give them something new and fun to watch regularly.

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So, my channel has had a recent influx of new blood, so I've started a series where I do highlights (generally amusing ones) from the old videos for the newer viewers.

The idea is to humanise the players on the channel and get people interested in them, and their rivalries, ect, while at the same time making a mock tutorial.

Thus was born "Fighting Game Fundamentals".

Here's the playlist:

Any thoughts, I'd be delighted to hear.

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Hey guys, thought I would pop this up here. It's my second montage but one with a difference. Common consensus in the Battlefield community is that the quality of gameplay is dropping quite severly, so I thought I would do a PTFO Montage to show noobs how to get that win.

Let me know what you guys think, any flaws or issues you see etc.

(Invalid youtube)

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That would have to be any of my "My gaming History" Series. I put so much work into these videos and I really likes the results of them.
Im not great with links here so here is a link to the entire playlist

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