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Found these on another website, Seen bits of these around the forum & couldn't find a dedicated thread for them, And some of you may have more up to date ones to add.

The first one is my favorite, being a blackman fan haha.

Bradshaw v Steve Blackman, 1999/2000
WWF was in between shows at the local airport, and the wrestlers were waiting by the baggage collection bay and Bradshaw decided to dick about trying to push Blackman onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman turned around unflustered and planted a crescent kick flush on Bradshaw's jaw, knocking him clean out, picked up his bag and walked on. Both shook hands when it was done. (thanks to Steven & Chris)

The Rudeboy vs. Abdullah the Butcher
This was a match on the Insane Clown Posse's JCW in a cage match. Not really a backstage fight but Abdullah took some liberties on Rudeboy by stabbing him with a broken beer bottle. I heard Abdullah was drinking before the match too. WINNER: Abdullah the Butcher. And the ICP for being able to witness this massacre. (thanks to Tim)

Bradshaw vs. Duke Droese
There was a scene between Bradshaw and Duke the Dumpster Droese, that has gained some fame. Apparently, Droese was making homemade GHB, and slipping it into girls drinks and raping them. The wrestlers backstage had told him how distasteful it was. But someone got word of it, and told Bradshaw to take care of it. So he essentially tied Droese up in the shower, and the stories vary from there. The most widely told version would be that Droese ended up raped in some way shape or form. I am more likely to believe that Bradshaw just made him think he was going to get raped. (thanks to Chris)

Brian Pillman vs. Sid Vicious, 1991
Ahh, the original dying days of WCW. Sid said some words about a would-be feud with Pillman that never came about, and it led to a skirmish. Sid left and came back with the infamous squeegee. People who know Pillman say he’d kill Sid in a street fight, which is hard to believe but I believe it. WINNER: Pillman. Sid will never hear the end of this one.

New Jack vs. Brian Pillman
On June 1, 1996, Brian Pillman returned to the ECW Arena just week after breaking his foot in a Humvee accident. Pillman cut a promo in the ring where he made a reference to the NWA (the rap group, not the wrestling organization). To this day nobody expect New Jack is 100% on what he thought but it's believed that New Jack either misheard the comments or was misinformed by someone backstage but he went nuts backstage anyway talking about the infamous N-word. When Pillman came backstage, in his wheelchair mind you, both men got into a very heated confrontation where many believe New Jack would attack the crippled Pillman. To his credit, Pillman never backed down to anything. New Jack threatened to leave the company over the incident and Pillman never went back to work for ECW ever again. Days later, Pillman signed the first ever guaranteed contract issued by the World Wrestling Federation. (thanks to Rob Harvey and

Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious, 1993
Perhaps the most famous shoot brawl of all. Lots of versions of this story. Sid started going off on how Arn had never drawn money, and they had both been drinking. Words were exchanged and maybe a beer was thrown, but both went back to their hotel rooms. Sid later went to Arn’s room and blindsided him with an object, and started a pummeling an unconscious Arn. Arn woke up and the two really got into it. Scissors were involved and the entire hotel hallway was smeared with blood. 2 Cold Scorpio came to the rescue. Just a mess that embarrassed the company. WINNERS: 2 Cold Scorpio for saving Arn’s life, and Arn for defending himself against a huge monster and holding his own.

Shawn Michaels & Davey Boy Smith & X-Pac vs. Some Thugs from a Bar in Syracuse, 1996:
We all know this one. As the story goes, Shawn got a little too flirty with a female who was dating one of the military thugs at the bar. Once outside, the thugs jumped Michaels and beat him silly. Big ol’ Bulldog and small (but feisty) X-Pac jumped out of the car to help out Shawn until the thugs ran away. A battered and bruised Michaels appeared on Raw shortly thereafter and the announcers acknowledged the legit beating. WINNER: Thugs, and all Canadian fans who hate Shawn.

Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior, 1989?
During the Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude program, Rude came back after the match and asked Warrior to "lighten up" a bit. Warrior got right in Rude's face and said, "I don't have to, because I'm the Warrior." Rude knocked him silly with one punch and walked away. (thanks to "name withheld by request.") WINNERS: Rude, Democrats, and anyone else who hates Hellwig.

Tony Atlas vs. Paul Orndorff
Paul and Tony were in the car with Tommy Rich and Brian Blair on the road for GCW. Brian's driving with Tony riding shotgun. Paul's in the back seat right behind Tony. Rich is in the back, too. Tony reclines his seat way back to where it's crowding Paul. Paul asks him to sit up a little and Atlas shoots back at him, "you don't want none of this...blah, blah, blah...". Anyway, Atlas pushed the wrong guy too far. Paul told Brian to "pullover!" Tommy Rich got scared and tried to smooth things over. Blair finally pulled over at a truckstop between two semis. Paul and Tony got out and squared off. Orndorff kinda bearhugged tackled Tony and bit part of his ear off on the way down. Blood everywhere! Ear on the pavement. Tony's in shock. Fight over. Cops coming. They scrambled to their feet, picked up the ear, and went straight to the hospital to have it sewn back on. WINNER: Orndorff. (thanks to The Masked Man and

Paul Orndorff vs. Big Van Vader
Vader cornered Paul in an office backstage at a WCW show and picked this fight, which he soundly lost. Paul knocked him right down and kicked him in the face repeatedly. Vader had showed up late for the Center Stage tapings and Orndorff started yelling at him to hurry up and do his promos. There had been previous heat between the two. Both got face to face and Orndorff begged Vader, who outweighed him by 200 pounds, to start something. Vader shoved him down with a palm blow and Orndorff came back fighting, flooring Vader and knocking him for a loop with a punch from his bad left arm. Orndorff proceeded to kick at Vader?s face with his sandals until all the wrestlers broke it up. Amazingly, everyone just left Vader on the floor in a fetal position and went back to doing their thing. If you didn’t think Paul was tough before this, you knew after this one. Also, as a sidenote, Vader has said in his shoot video that he declined to strike Orndorff back in fear of losing his job. Orndorff later said on Wrestling Observer Live that he attacked Vade from behind. (thanks to Asa Taylor, Tom Hogan, "Jesus Christ" and an unknown website where this info came from). WINNER: Orndorff. Does this guy ever lose a fight?

RVD vs. Taz
After a match involving RVD and Sabu wound up Taz, he went around the ECW locker room saying he was gonna kick RVD's ass, Sabu's ass, etc. Word got around to Van Dam, who went up to Taz, and said "Pick the hand." Taz replied, "What?" and RVD punched him in the mouth. Taz went on the defensive, saying he didn't want to fight him. (thanks to HB2kBuzzsaw)

Sid Vicious vs. A Squirrel
Vicious had a squirrel he took with him everywhere. Two wrestlers (I'm pretty sure one of them was Arn Anderson) bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a whole minute. Vicious accepted the challenge and stuck it down his pants. After about 30 seconds the squirrel bit a very sensitive area, if you get my drift. Vicious fell down in pain and crushed the squirrel. He needed a rabies shot and stitches on his genitalia. WINNER: The squirrel, who is now a hero to all squirrels worldwide for flattening Sid. (thanks to "Jesus Christ")

Shane Douglas vs. Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers
During a Brian Lee vs Pitbull #2 match, they got a little out of control in the stands and Shane Douglas went to Todd Gordon and Paul E. and said they should be fired. Sandman and Tracy Smothers overheard this and Sandman told Lee about what Shane had said. Lee went over grabbed Shane by the throat and dragged him across the hall into the shower and put the fear of God into Shane before releasing him. Shane went running into the locker room and yelled, "Who stooged me out?" Before Sandman could answer, Tracy Smothers tackled Shane and start beating on him until they were separated. Turns out that a long while back Shane was living at Tracy Smothers house back in his younger days for free and Shane had recently said some unkind things about Tracey, who had a horrible temper. After it was all said and done Sandman told Shane that he stooged him out. (thanks to Dazraven)

Sandman vs. Shane Douglas vs. Bill Alfonso
It was the Triple Threat vs Sandman and 2 others, and Sandman had told the wrestlers earlier not to touch his cane when he dropped it for a spot later. Anyways during the spot where Sandman gets knocked out of the ring and the cane is in the middle of the ring, Shane picks up the cane, shakes his head in disgust and drops it right back to the same spot. Sandman was livid and after the match goes up to Shane in the locker room and gets right in his face and says, "Shane, if you ever touch my ****ing cane again, I'm gonna beat the hell out of you." He then goes down the hall into another room and sits down next to Bill Alfonso. Sandman went on to say that even if Shane had picked up the cane and used it, he wouldn't have been mad, but to just stare at it pissed him off. So back to the story, Sandman is next to "Fonzie," and they hear Shane coming down the hall, Sandman is still seated and Shane gets closer cursing, when Bill Alfonso tackles Shane and starts hitting him. It gets broken up shortly after. (thanks to Dazraven)

Sabu vs. a Fan
I also recall an incident when Sabu kicked the **** out on some fan for pulling off his turban while Sabu was walking to the ring. This happened in Japan, I have it on tape somewhere. Anyway, after the fan pulled off the turban, Sabu hopped the railing, chased him down, then knocked him out with a few punches and some wicked ass knees to the face! Afterwards Sabu continued to the ring and proceeded to wrestle Eddie Guerrero like nothing ever happened. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

William Regal vs. Bill Goldberg, 1998
Regal had the moment with Goldberg where he did a little unscheduled mat wrestling. I think the only reason why this is considered, is because Goldberg didn't know what was going on. Regal could lead a dead man through a believable sequence, and I believe that is what he was trying to do. But Goldberg flopped around, and ended up looking like an idiot. I remember watching this live on Nitro, and didn't know about it, but it sure looked like something was wrong. (thanks to Chris &

William Regal vs. The Giant (Big Show)
Regal came to near blows with Paul Wight. Wight was complaining about selling for Rey Misterio Jr, and Regal got in his face and told him he was a fat slob, and that the only difference between Wight and Ron Reis was a push (ouch, that hurts). They were broken up quickly after that. (thanks to Chris)

Rene Dupree vs. Bob Holly, 2004
During a house show hardcore tag match Holly gave some stiff shots to Dupree with a chair and ended up in confrontation. Dupree got a parking ticket using Holly's rental car in a different state and then made Holly fly out to deal with it. Holly, ass that he is, took it out on Dupree in the ring. Dupree bolted out of the ring and there was more that took place backstage. Holly was fined, but should've been fired. Thanks to Dupree's lack of popularity, Holly got the sentiment and kept his job. (thanks to Dave "The Beast" McGuckiin)

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Road Warrior Hawk
Scorpio talks about this on his ROH shoot interview. He and Hawk were part of the WCW event called Kollision in Korea, held in Pyongyang, North Korea. Scorpio and the rest of the guys were on the bus, and Hawk comes on the bus and makes a comment about how Ric Flair was taking a limo instead. Scorpio shouted out, "F&$&@ that *****, let him ride by himself!" Hawk said "What did you say?" Scorpio repeated himself. Hawk then used the dreaded N word, and it was on. They were wrestling on the floor and Hawk was swinging, but never connected, even when people were holding Scorpio down. Once they got up, Scorpio threw a thrust kick and connected, but it was broken up. Over the next few days, they traded glances and promised to beat each other senseless once they got back to Tokyo. Scorpio dropped chopsticks at dinner on purpose, picked them up, and stuffed them in his coat pocket. Back in the hotel room, he sharpened them up, just in case Hawk tried something. They met again face to face, said they'd save it for Tokyo, and then Hawk turned his back. When he turned back around, he punched Scorpio out of nowhere. Scorpio thought, "Is that all you got? My mother hits harder than that!" Cooler heads prevailed, though, and they worked out their differences before leaving North Korea. The Steiners and Scott Norton were on Scorpio's side, but Benoit was friends with both and tried to soothe things over.

Vader vs. Shamrock
Vader and Shamrock got into a backstage fight when Vader insulted Shamrock and told him his MMA stuff was BS. Shamrock beat the snot out of Vader and stuck his head in the toilet. (thanks to Rob Park)

Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race
From Race's book. As Race (then NWA) stormed the backstage area at a WWF show at the Municipal Auditorium, the Funk brothers looked stunned. Hogan was staring at the Funks and could see their faces. Before he could turn round, Race slapped him in the ribs. Hogan fell backwards into a chair. Sensing a difficult situation, Hulk joked, "Harley, I thought the first time I saw you in Kansas City you'd have a great big gun." Hogan should be advised not to play 'call my bluff' with Harley Race, as Race shot back with, "I don't have a great big one..." before pulling out a .380-caliber handgun. (thanks to Brian Cooper at

XPW wrestlers showed up at an ECW event for publicity. The ECW guys, understandably, didn't like it. Words were exchanged between Francine and XPW valet Kristi Myst. They pushed and shoved, then the XPW guys got involved, and suddenly the whole ECW locker room emptied out. Witnesses say that the XPW guys took a beating from Jack Victory, Mikey Whipwreck, New Jack, Chilly Willy, Sal Graziano, Kid Kash, Paul Heyman, and others. The fights ended up going into the streets, and the XPW guys escaped in a limo. WINNER: Heyman, because XPW will never be close to what ECW was. (thanks to Justin Newbould, Power Slam magazine, and Brian Cooper at

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder, 2004
During the Tough Enough thing on SmackDown, Angle challenged anyone to wrestle him in a shoot. Puder volunteered. Angle berated him and then they wrestled. It was just an angle, though they were wrestling for real. Puder slapped on a painful lock out of nowhere, and would've broken Angle's arm had he not let go. The agents backstage in the Gorilla position were screaming at the ref to stop the match, which he did. And thank goodness, because it would've embarrassed WWE badly (not that they would've aired it). WWE never turned it into an angle, and from TV you can't tell it happened.

Arn Anderson vs. Disco Inferno
Disco was sitting on a plane behind Arn Anderson. Mike Enos is on a cell phone and Arn tells him to turn it off. He tells him several times. Finally, Arn threatens Enos and Disco jumps up with four fingers in the air and says, ‘Yeah Arn, take care of him Horseman style’! Arn turned around and bitched slapped him right in the face. (thanks to Bryan Alvarez at Figure 4 Weekly newsletter)

Perry Saturn vs. Mike Bell
In this match from WWF Metal a few years ago, Saturn snapped and started to work stiff on Mike Bell. The match began with a bit of chain wrestling, but after a few botched takedowns from Bell (Saturn landed on his head/neck) Saturn snapped and started to punch him for real. After that, Saturn threw Bell out of the ring (right on his head, it looked really nasty), then he threw him on the steel steps. Saturn rolled Bell back in the ring and brawled a little bit and delivered a vertical suplex. He ended the match with a stiff looking superkick. Word is that WWE management were mad at Saturn, and on the next show they let Bradshaw to work stiff on Saturn. (thanks to Frits)

Bad News "Allen" Brown vs. Andre the Giant
One time in the early 80's during an early stint Bad News had with the WWF, the boys were all on a bus traveling between shows. Andre the Giant was in the back of the bus with Hulk Hogan and company telling
racist jokes that Bad News took offense to. Bad News told him to shut up, then when he turned around Andre shouted out a racial slur. Bad News made the driver stop the bus and told Andre to meet him outside. Andre
refused and Hogan and others tried to soothe the situation. The next day Andre apologized to Bad News. Keep in mind this was back when Andre was still in decent shape, before his body really deteriorated. (thanks to Grant Prairie, who heard this from Bad News himself)

Bad News "Allen" Brown vs. The Guerreros
Another time around the beginning of his wrestling career Bad News wrestled a tag match in Japan against the Guerrero's (Hector, Mando and Chavo Sr.). Bad News was still quite green at the time and the Guerrero's took exception to how stiff Bad News worked. They confronted him in the locker room afterwards. Bad News apologized but the Guerreros were steaming and wouldn't it let it go until it turned into a 3 on 1 with Bad News destroying all 3 of them. As a side note, Bad News was backstage at a WWE show in Calgary a few years back and Chavo Jr. went up to Bad News and was in awe of him since he'd heard the story from his dad and was telling all the other wrestlers how tough Bad News was back in the day. (thanks to Grant Prairie, who heard this from Bad News himself)

Tracy Smothers vs. JBL, 2005
Word has it that after Smothers got word that JBL stiffed on Blue Meanie, he gave it right back to JBL. According to the Observer, JBL's eyes were swelled up after the show. Later on the internet, Smothers issued a challenge to JBL to have a shoot, putting up his entire life savings.

Dave Meltzer vs. Terry Gordy
In the aforementioned rant by Smothers, he told of a story of how Meltzer introduced himself to Gordy in Japan at a bar. Gordy got pissed and grabbed the Observer from him, threw it down, stomped on it, and dared Meltzer to report that in his "sheet." This is insane, because Meltzer has always written nothing but nice things about Gordy.

Blue Meanie vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield, June 12, 2005.
Meanie had, earlier, stated that JBL took liberties in the ring, and called him a "bully" on his website. At ECW One Night Stand, JBL took a huge liberty by stiff-punching Meanie in the face, opening up a fresh wound and giving him a black eye. Backstage, the fight continued physically as JBl went after Meanie again, but it was broken up. WINNER: Blue Meanie, after his point was proved in front of the Hammerstein Ballroom and the locker room. UPDATE: A handheld video of the incident has surfaced. Meanie is clearly taunting JBL before the brawl, although that was part of the show. JBL then punches him in the head from behind and they lock up. JBL lost his balance and got back up. The lock up again, and JBL nails him with face shots while all Meanie can get in is some weak body shots. JBL puts Meanie down and staggers away, looking back one last time to make sure he's down for good. After Meanie gets up, you can see him tell Al Snow what happened, and Snow looks concerned. Backstage, Meanie and JBL had to be separated, with JBL complaining about what Meanie had said about him on the internet and in a previous court case, testifying against him in a totally separate case involving ex-referee Billy Silverman. WWE never punished JBL for this. (thanks to The Lone Wolf)

Dynamite Kid vs. Davey Boy Smith, 1994
After years of pent up aggression between the two, which included Davey phoning up All Japan, telling them Dynamite had died in a car crash, just so he could try and ruin Dynamite's deal in Japan, Dynamite finally had a chance to do something, when Davey was booked on an independent show in Howe Bridge in 1994, just a few miles away from Kid's house. He arrived at the arena, where he found Davey's dad, and tipped over a table with pictures of Smith on it. He then taped his fists as he walked down the corridor to "knock **** out of him". Davey had gotten word Dyno was coming, and locked his dressing room door. Davey had also phoned the police, and Dynamite was escorted from the building. WINNERS: No one. This family feud was out of control. (thanks to Hb2kbuzzsaw)

Randy Savage vs. Road Warrior Hawk
Backstage at a New Japan show back in 1996, words were exchanged between the two men (not sure about what) but it ended up with a fight where Hawk hit Savage with a right hook and knocked him out. Heat obviously still existed between the two because they had another confrontation three years later in the United States backstage at a Kid Rock concert at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Fl. Hawk saw Savage coming in his direction so he put his hand out (probably just out of respect) but Savage immediately threw a sucker punch that staggered Hawk. Hawk's wife was then attacked by Savage's then girlfriend Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George) and another female leaving her badly beaten. Hawk claimed that he would take legal action against the two women for attacking his wife but not against Savage since fights amongst wrestlers are usually kept away from the law. However, no action was ever taken. WINNER: Whoever got to see this Jerry Springer-like free-for-all lucked out big-time. (thanks to Rob Harvey and

Jacques Rougeau vs. Dynamite Kid
Dynamite was mistakenly accused by the Rougeaus of cutting their clothes with scissors (while notorious pranksters, the Bulldogs were innocent was Curt Hennig who did it). In short, Dynamite punked out both Rougeaus for their false accusations. Two weeks later in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jacques and Raymond Rougeau got their revenge as Jacques suckered Dynamite, knocking out four of his teeth. Dynamite got money from WWF agents to get the teeth fixed. When Vince McMahon sat down both sides to talk out the problem Dynamite suggested the Rougeaus pay the bill. Not knowing the agents paid for it, they unwillingly agreed to pay for the broken teeth. All that happened was that Dynamite Kid got an extra $1,800. Thus the real winner was Dynamite Kid, who got his teeth fixed and some extra money. (thanks to Tom Hogan and Nicholas Argirakis)

Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, 1997
Tension had been brewing between these 2 for months. They had a shouting match in the locker room and Michaels just had to yell out, “What are you gonna do about it?” Bret punched him, they rolled on the floor, and Bret left with a clump of Shawn’s hair in his hand. WINNER: Shawn Michaels, for laying the foundation for the upcoming double-cross plot.

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in Montreal, 1997
What did Vince expect? After the infamous double-cross at Survivor Series, Vince approached Bret and got a handful of knuckles. A groggy Vince is seen walking out of the room in the movie, “Wrestling with Shadows.” WINNERS: A&E, some documentary filmmakers, Bret Hart, and bookers who plan to use this finish for centuries to come.

Buff Bagwell vs. Shane "Hurricane" Helms, 2001
Buff Bagwell told Helm's he would never be a superstar because of his size and a few more words were said. Bagwell slapped Helms, but then Helms threw a frozen bottle of water at Bagwell, and punched him in the back of the head a few times, causing Bagwell's head to split open. This incident led to Bagwell's last moment on TV, where Bradshaw powerbombed him twice. After the first, Bagwell had said his neck was broken. Bradshaw called him a ***** and powerbombed him a second time. It was during a moment when all the WWF guys ran in on some of the WCW guys, and it was pretty well known that it was Bagwell's last WWF TV appearance. WINNER: Can Bagwell ever be a winner? He does win at being a loser. (thanks to Doug Adams, Trevor, & Chris)

Kevin Nash vs. Roddy Piper, 1997
On the very same night that Michaels and Hart were fighting backstage at Raw, Piper and Nash were doing some of the same at Nitro. After a match that ended up being a complete mess between Scott Hall & Nash against Piper & Ric Flair, Nash stormed backstage, booted Piper's dressing room door open and leveled Piper with a punch to the head before the pair were pulled apart by various backstage personnel. Nash went unpunished (which became the theme for WCW later) and nothing further came of the fight. WINNER: Nash, but he picked on someone half his size. (thanks to Rob Harvey and

Vince McMahon vs. Kevin Wacholz
Some of you older fans may remember Kevin Wacholz as Nailz, the former convict, in the WWF back in 1992. Story goes that Wacholz, who was in line for a program with the Ultimate Warrior before he left the company, was pissed at Vince McMahon because of his pay off from SummerSlam 1992 which was, and still is, the highest attendance ever for a WWF event. Wacholz confronted McMahon about the pay off and reportedly, McMahon blow it off which angered Wacholz more so he attacked McMahon and choked him until he was turning blue. Wacholz was fired because of that incident and aside from one pay-per-view appearance in WCW against Sting, he hasn't worked in the big time since. To add another chapter to this story, later at the Vince McMahon steroid trial, Wacholz gave evidence against Vince McMahon but he came off so badly on the stand (including continuously contradicting himself) that word is that his evidence probably was what kept Vince from doing time. WINNER: Nailz, for doing what so many others have dreamed of. (thanks to Rob Harvey &

Kevin Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki
From "Great Kabuki- Kabuki insisted on wrestling him and Kevin insisted on
giving him a rough time because he didn't think Kabuki was ready because of how his body looked. During the match, Kabuki turned his back on him, which is ALWAYS a no-no but, when Kevin attempted to blindside him, Kabuki kicked him with blinding speed and broke his cheek and nose. He had a new respect for him after that and made sure to get on the mic and challenge him to a match the next week." (thanks to Big M)

Reid Fliehr vs. Colby Hardin, 2005
This was after a championship wrestling match for the North Carolina 4A Western Regionals. Reid (Ric Flair's son) and Hardin were in sudden death, and Hardin won after making an escape with Reid on top. Hardin then did the Flair strut and "Whooooo!" That was too much for Reid, who charged him. Before he got there, punches were being thrown by students from both schools (Providence High and South Mecklenburg High). The fight was broken up quickly, and Reid ended up getting suspended from his first 3 wrestling meets next season. Both high schools were also fined $1,000 each. Looks like Reid inherited his father's temper. If Reid was going to beat up a North Carolina resident, he at least should've beaten up Torch columnist Bruce Mitchell. (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Ric Flair vs.The Nasty Boys
Got this from Ric Flair's book. At the China Club in Manhattan, The Nasty Boys were bothering Flair's friend Robby Kanoff, who was drunk. The Nasty's took Kanoff's sunglasses and stomped on them, and then tore his suit. Flair got pissed about it, and confronted Knobbs about it. Flair told him to leave Kanoff alone but Knobbs responded with a bad look on his face. Flair slapped Knobbs silly, but he tried to fight back but Flair had it under control. Saggs then jumped across the bar and hit Flair in the eye. Saggs and Flair started fighting but it was broken up and Flair was tossed out of the bar. The damages were put on Flair's credit card. Like it says in Flair's book, What's wrong with this picture? The Nasty Boys stay in, but Ric Flair goes out? WINNER: The Nasty Boys. (Another unfair fight) (thanks to Tim)

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"Rene Dupree vs. Bob Holly, 2004
During a house show hardcore tag match Holly gave some stiff shots to Dupree with a chair and ended up in confrontation. Dupree got a parking ticket using Holly's rental car in a different state and then made Holly fly out to deal with it. Holly, ass that he is, took it out on Dupree in the ring. Dupree bolted out of the ring and there was more that took place backstage. Holly was fined, but should've been fired. Thanks to Dupree's lack of popularity, Holly got the sentiment and kept his job."

<3 Bob

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Sid crushed a Squirrel thats horrible. How would the Squirrel be the winner then?
What about the Lesnar vs Angle grapple match?


Some of them are believable, but this!?

Bradshaw vs. Duke Droese
There was a scene between Bradshaw and Duke the Dumpster Droese, that has gained some fame. Apparently, Droese was making homemade GHB, and slipping it into girls drinks and raping them. The wrestlers backstage had told him how distasteful it was. But someone got word of it, and told Bradshaw to take care of it. So he essentially tied Droese up in the shower, and the stories vary from there. The most widely told version would be that Droese ended up raped in some way shape or form. I am more likely to believe that Bradshaw just made him think he was going to get raped. (thanks to Chris)

Has to be bullsh!t surely.

Version I heard of the Sid/Arn fight was that Arn stabbed him once, then Sid went Psycho

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Nasty Boys vs. Ken Shamrock

This was quite a few years ago, before Shamrock was a UFC star. They really roughed him up in a 2-on-1 hotel room brawl. I heard Ken was thrown right through the hotel room window! Rumor has it that a few years ago when Shamrock was in the WWF, Rock and Shamrock were walking through an airport. One of the Nasty's was walking around and Shamrock spotted him. Story has it that Shamrock immediately went into the "zone" and Rock had to really calm him down, before all Hell broke loose. WINNERS: Nasty Boys, although it wasn’t a fair fight. (thanks to Matt Mazany)

UPDATE: Mike Mooneyham of the Charleston Post and Courier interviewed Ken Shamrock for his latest column. He recalls a funny story regarding The Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs) many years ago in Charlotte where he claims they blindsided him at a hotel following a night club argument. "I was sitting with a friend and his fiance, and one of the Nasty Boys reached over and made an inappropriate gesture. They did it again. My friend was getting upset, but he was a small guy and what was he going to do? They disappeared, but I didn't let it lie because I thought that was just totally punkish of them. I knew where they were staying, so I went after them at their hotel. I had a few choice words and told them they had a lot of nerve. Rumor has it that I got clubbed from behind with a steel phone, and then they put the boots to me." That was the last he saw of them until a chance airport meeting while working for the WWF years later: "You talk about the biggest wimps you have ever seen... Knobbs ran when he saw me. The other one (Saggs) thought he'd be funny and walked up next to me at the counter. I was with Billy Gunn, and everyone knew the story because they bragged about how they beat me up. I looked at Saggs and said, 'You know what? I'm going to kill you.' He looked at me and said, 'Chill out, man, that was a long time ago.' I said, for you it was, but it feels like it just happened and I haven't forgotten about it." Shamrock says that Gunn pulled him away but he eventually caught up with Saggs: "I jumped up, pulled him around and told him I was going to knock him out right there. He turned his shoulders away from me, and said, 'If you hit me, it's a felony offense.' At that point and time all the anger left my body. He was totally sickening. But all the boys saw it. All the bragging about how he whipped my ass once... It was kind of satisfying at that point. I think I got the last laugh." (this came straight from Mike Aldren's W365 newsletter, thanks to Josh White)


Eire-Dearg said:
"Rene Dupree vs. Bob Holly, 2004
During a house show hardcore tag match Holly gave some stiff shots to Dupree with a chair and ended up in confrontation. Dupree got a parking ticket using Holly's rental car in a different state and then made Holly fly out to deal with it. Holly, ass that he is, took it out on Dupree in the ring. Dupree bolted out of the ring and there was more that took place backstage. Holly was fined, but should've been fired. Thanks to Dupree's lack of popularity, Holly got the sentiment and kept his job."

<3 Bob

Bob holly is only below new jack in being the biggest cúnt in the wrestling industry IMO.


Fenian Army said:
Some of them are believable, but this!?

Has to be bullsh!t surely.

I definitely read it before anyway. Why is it that hard to believe? From reading the numerous wrestler auto biographies and books etc, you can say that a decent percentage of wrestlers are not exactly the brightest, humane folk around the place.

Not even wrestlers, go into any locker room and you will find a few scumbags.

Stereomaniac Registered User

Bob Holly is old school. He's just like something from another era. Still though, a speeding ticket!

Cherry_Cola Registered User

There was a little follow up to the Daniel Puder/Angle one too at the Royal Rumble IIRC.

I remember that most of the lads weren't happy with him trying to shoot on Kurt on TV so when he entered the rumble, he was in with Hardcore Holly, Benoit and Eddie. They chopped the living **** out of him in the ring and generally worked very stiff with him.

There's also the New Jack/Gypsy Joe incident where Jack uses a baseball bat on his head because Joe isn't selling any moves. Joe is about 70 years old and the sound of the bat hitting his head is crazy!

Also there's the recent New Jack/Balls Mahoney confrontation where Jack kicked his ass and drew a machete only to have security break it up and separate them. RF video are currently trying to set up a face off interview between the two with hired security lol.


Would "The Mass Transit Incident" count here? Presumably yes. New Jack is a scumbag.

Booker V Batista was a pretty high profile one about 5/6 years ago. Booker beat up Batista on the Summerslam promo shoot I think.

Also didn't Jericho choke out Goldberg in WCW backstage?

And sure the most famous shoot of them all when Conor Hurley called out the erstwhile Ger C on this very board for a Easons in Clonmel brawl. Fun times.

Penn Registered User

Weren't there loads of stories about Meng/Haku too? Supposedly a seriously tough bastard

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glenjamin Registered User

The Blue Meanie v JBL one. I thought that JBL was punished by having to put Meanie over on TV because Meanie was threatening to go to the law. So Meanie agreed that if he was put over (not clean) then he would drop it.

The RVD pick a hand one is funny.


Penn said:
Weren't there loads of stories about Meng/Haku too? Supposedly a seriously tough bastard

According to Jericho he gouged out someones eye backstage

moongoose Registered User

what about joey styles & jbl?

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