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My 8 year old daughter took part in a summer camp that had archery as one of the activities. She loved archery and would really like to join a club. I believe it is something she would like to participate in long term.
Are there any archery clubs in Galway that hold classes for children of her age. I googled Galway Archers and their site says it only accepts beginners over 12 years of age.
Other than that I only found University clubs which I presume are students only. I could be wrong here!!
Can anyone help me with some information so as she can at least have the opportunity to try out the sport?
I could join up myself if necessary to ensure she has adult supervision.
Any help will be much appreciated.


I think the closest field archery clubs to you would be:
Limerick -
Mayo -
Carrowmore (Sligo) -

Not much really in the way of Archery in Galway as far as I know.


Try, under clubs you'll find a few. These will be target clubs. There are different varieties of archery like IFAF (field) and should if possible be explored but where you are this maybe your closest. When talking to the clubs let them know your willing to try with your kid. (the reason you got before just sounds like they had no junior bow?)

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I'm sorry Galway Archers can't help. We simply don't have equipment suitable for children of that age and size, it's difficult for a small club to cater to all comers. We also try to run beginners classes regularly but lately we find that despite a large number of enquiries for the classes and booking ten to twelve people in per class only two or three people show up in the end.

Tom Smyth at the Athenry Archery Club might be able to help you out.


I'm sure it's a though gig to run(I for one would not like to be the one in charge of a beginners' course, my hat is off to those who do. Most of us would not be shooting but for the likes of you -- ). Archery seems to be one of these sports people tend to try on a whim and then disappear. Unfortunately this can lead to frustration on those whom would be willing to give there time and energy to fledgling archers. And for a club of any size, to have the right equipment for each individual is a ....... nightmare.
I could suggest a few ideas on how this could be surmounted but none of these I'm sure would be original nor in the long run feasible.
A centralized rental or purchase program (between clubs and it's members be it by donation or actual real value) would be of real benefit to most beginners but alas this would also be sure to cause aggravation if not used fairly.

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