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SlickRic said:
i suppose.

but i'd personally have Silva for one.

Nani too.

Bale wouldn't be a bad shout either.

i just think you need a couple over £10m, because at the moment, if they're all under £10m, then people's teams are all going to be very similar i'd imagine.

if nobody is an outstanding candidate, then i'd have bunker the top 6 or 7 up by 1m or so, just to make it more interesting.

i'll obviously only know for sure once we start doing teams, but my inkling is the midfielders being so cheap will cause teams to be awfully similar.

I think the opposite is true. Surely there's a lot of players around the same price, it will lead to a greater variety of teams? At the minute there's 15 players between 8.5 and 10.0. And a lot of them are pretty attractive, I know I'll have a hard time which 2 or 3 of those to go with!

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Coletrickle88 said:
There dividing it into 4 quarters apparently . Should keep people more interested .

yeah, the winners of each quarter get a VIP trip to watch their team

Their also including facebook integration this year that allows you to post your confirmed lineup on there - good enough feature, especially in the weeks your doing good

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Is there a league, does anyone know?

I missed the first game week but would still like to join if there is one.

kronsington Registered User

RVP goes off at half time with suspected thigh injury. extent unknown. cue mass ff panic

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