This is surprisingly one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Please take a look at this picture and look out for the blue New Thread button on the mid-left side of the screen:

You *MUST* be logged in to start a thread - this obviously enough means that you must have a Boards.ie account to start a thread. You'll know you're logged in in the second area on the upper right that I've highlighted with "your name here" in it.

You can only start a new thread when viewing a forum, not when you're reading a thread.

Finally, there is no "New Thread" button on our front page which seems to confuse a lot of people, but having one there makes no sense as the front page is not a forum, merely a listing of the most recent threads on the site across all forums.

New Thread.jpg
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Gordon Administrator

Thought I'd update this as the process is different if you're using the touch site.

You still have to be logged in to post a thread, but see below screenshots for explanation.

How to start a thread on the mobile version of boards

You don't have to find a home for your post before writing your post, you can write first, find forum after if you like.

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