Yedya Registered User

So il be starting my course in in September,whats it like here? any places to avoid? clubs to go to?

What is the campus life like?

Ciara32065 Registered User

Hey I am starting here in September too! What course are you doing?

nbar12 Registered User

Hey I'm studying Jam making, what are you guys studying?

Ciara32065 Registered User

I am doing basket weaving!

Ciara32065 Registered User

Devo! Would you repeat to get it?! We could've been BFF's!

Yedya Registered User

Software Design.Im looking foward to it You?

Ciara32065 Registered User

Awh that's cool ! I am going to do dental nursing!

Yedya Registered User

More importantly are you good at drinking?

SaveMeBarry Registered User

I'm hoping to do audiology in AIT in September

Flashpoint Registered User

If ur going for a house etc keep away from willow park it can be rough down there, battery heights is a rough place but its the other side of town from the college tho. The night life and campus are as good as any other college in ireland, Clubs= Genesis, Q, karma. Late-bars= the prince, coppers, suede. The student bar is in campus and very good.

martin555 Registered User

where ye thinking about staying ?

RenatavonB Registered User

Hi everyone!

I'm Renáta, I'll be going to athlone in september too, I was looking at apartments yesterday and I'm just wondering is there any other girls looking for someone to share with?

I don't know anyone else going there and would like a nice flatmate!

minion35 Registered User

Hi guys, just finished my degree in AIT, the main advice I would give is to stay away from the rougher parts of town. Willow can be ok for the first 2/3 rows but I wouldn't walk around it too much on my own if I were ye. As a town Athlone has a good vibe and a friendly atmosphere. Theirs lots of stuff to do like:

  • Bowling
  • A cinema
  • Two large shopping centres.
  • Lots of great restaurants/ takeaways.
  • The college offers a vast range of clubs and socs, everything from Football and Rugby to Anime and Games.

Just remember it's not all about the boozing.

surenow Registered User

The student bar is really good. Genesis of a weds night is a must! Willow has a name for being rough but if you are looking to meet really good mates and go to unreal house parties Willow should be where you wanna go. Deffo for first year anyways.

Greendaaygirl Registered User

Im not a student in athlone but Have spent alot of time around the campus and nightclubs, scribes the college bar is great craic you met some brillant people there and its a great way for starting the night especially if your heading to gensis after, gensis is a nightclub just up from the college, some people think its crappy but some the best nights for me have been in gensis. then in town the nightclubs are Q and Karma word of warning lads wont get into karma with white runners on. Q on the other hand is easier going and alot better then karma hands down.

as for accomadation willow has a bad name, but the first 3 rows of houses are okay the further in tho can be abit rougher, nice enough houses and good prices. Rockbrook is also nice big apartments well worth a look! and if you can afford it heatherview court apartments are amazing!

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