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I am looking onto leasing a commercial property, 5 year lease.

Is it reasonable to ask landlord to;

1)Paint front of building
2)Install a kitchenette facility

Any advice appreciated.


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No harm asking. Either this or ask for 2-3 months free rent to get the things done on your expense.

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Better off asking for a discount / rent free period that delegating your work to a landlord. It will make you seem like a hassle tenant I would think..

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Was working for a company who were leasing out part of our building about 2 years ago and to get tenants in the door we did a load of work to a pretty average office space.

I think the climate is there currently for that sort of thing, you could point out to the landlord the things you will need to do to make it inhabitable for yourself......

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5 year must be mad!
Thats a very long lease in the current environment but maybe you have a break clause in there?
2-3 year lease would be more usual at the moment and at that the landlord would be grateful to have you.

As regards your requests on paint and kitchenette, they are very modest and to be honest, your not asking enough.

Most potential tenants would be asking for;
-at least 3 or 6 months rent free period
-contribution to fit out costs
-modern, well maintained fixtures and fittings.
-spotlessly clean and well decorated offices

Other things to note;
-is there vat on the lease?
-are the rates paid upto date?
-are there service charges?
and so on...

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Appreciate the replies.

I have a break clause after three years.

I am doing the fit out myself and landlord taking it off the rent. Asked for a rent free period, which was not agreed to, although a deposit is not required.


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