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true-or-false said:
I also always bring some duct tape with me just in case, but I've never ended up needing it.

what ever for?!

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tinkerbell said:
what ever for?!

The fear of a leaky tent!

I don't mind getting wet, but I can't stand the idea of a wet tent.

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Ilyana said:
At Oxegen a couple of years ago my friend managed to bring a tin foil blanket thing to sleep in, it kept her nicely toasty as the nights were cold and damp. Not sure where you'd get one though.

Apologies for posting in your forum.

You can get them in outdoors shops. The type of places that sell snow, camping and hiking gear. Without doubt the best thing ive ever brought to a festival. They get so warm you sweat underneath it and you eventually need a bit of cool air. I think they cost around €5.

Even if you dont get one, get a bit of tin foil, put it on top of your head and put a hat on it. It will keep you very warm at night.

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Thanks for the tip, only a week to go. Still terrified and excited but in equal quantities now!

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Dioralyte and Alka Seltzer!


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Oooh loads on this site The Ultimate Packing List

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If your welly boots are brand new, bring blister plasters!

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Passport & any other important things into this > http://www.vfestival.com/tickets/lockerhouse/


MadsL said:
Passport & any other important things into this > http://www.vfestival.com/tickets/lockerhouse/

Yes, have one booked

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Catari Jaguar said:
Oooh loads on this site The Ultimate Packing List

Would you be arsed bringing all that?! :/

Rainbow_brite Registered User

Small lock for the tent and some spare bottle caps as they always throw them away if you buy bottles of water etc inside the festival

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Most of the big stuff has already been covered but:

Don't bring a regular torch, bring a headtorch instead. Much handier when rooting round the tent (or doing anything really) because you can use both hands and also you can generally tie the headstrap to the inside of the tent so you'll have a ceiling light.

As someone already said, a poncho is dead handy as well, especially if it rains a lot. I don't tend to go to festivals very often but I never do anything outdoorsy without my bundswehr poncho.
No seams and no zips means a 5e poncho can be as water proof as a really expensive rain jacket. It won't be as breathable but it's flouncy so that's not so much of an issue. You can also use it as a groundsheet to sit on outside, or as a makeshift means of patching up a damaged tent or a thousand other uses really (a decent poncho can also be used as a stretcher, a rain-water collection tool or a makeshift shelter but generally music festivals don't get quite that wild).

Make sure the tent you're going to be living in is a proper one with a separate inner sheet as well. The single layer ones you can get in tesco and dunnes (although tesco do a good tent as well as a crappy one) get absolutely sodden with condensation very quickly. A mummy sleeping bag (one that wraps around your head) will also be a lot cosier than the standard folded blanket type.


Just a quick thanks to everyone for all the great tips on here. Home this evening after an amazing weekend. Was slightly spoiled in that the staff campsite was less crazy than the other ones, we had quite a few showers and even had flushing toilets and sinks with water in them.

The lockerhouse locker was a lifesaver for documents and charging my phone. The one mistake I made was relying on my phone to be phone and camera...bad for battery!

I brought most of the stuff recommended. The things I wouldn't have thought of without this thread were the sleeping mask (vital given the bright morning sun) and having a clean set of clothes in a bag for travelling home today. The site was muddy as hell packing up this morning so I was able to de-festivalise in the airport to make myself look a little more presentable

You guys were such a great help, all the suggestions genuinely helped me to have one of the best weekends ever!

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Lia_lia said:
Would you be arsed bringing all that?! :/

Well I wasn't gonna leave home without my pocket knife and hammer... wtf?

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Rainbow_brite said:
Small lock for the tent

A bit late for the OP but I would have thought a lock for the tent would just mean that it would get cut open if somebody wanted to get in. Better not to lock it and leave nothing of value inside.

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