jos28 Registered User

Lobbed a slice off my thumb 3 hours ago, I eventually managed to stop the bleeding by throwing flour on it (found the tip online). The flour really worked but what do I do now ? If I try and wash the HUGE cut it will start to bleed again. Help please !!

Pushtrak Registered User

Do the same for the other one to balance things out.

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Go to hospital if it's that bad, you might need stitches.

Borderfox Moderator

Have you got the bit you cut off? Or is it in a salad?

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RoboKlopp Registered User

Sliced a finger really badly.

Time to call an ambulance.....but I'll just post a thread on boards first

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southcentralts Registered User

Doctor Doctor I sliced off a piece of my thumb?

Doctor: Good thing you came to see me instead of consulting the internet, God knows what kind of crazy thing you would be doing if you had. Let me stitch that up for you.

Sauve Registered User

If it's clean then don't wash it yet. The blood loss will have likely washed out most of the crap.
Oh and go to a hospital and get it seen to

TheBody Registered User

You better insert your thumb in your rectum to keep it protected until you get to a hospital.

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Superglue is your friend!


Stick it up yer bum OP.


Ooh are they the ones they were selling today in aldi? Are they good? Did you buy the potato ricer aswell?

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cml387 Registered User

If you tried playing the mandolin instead of using it to cut vegetables you wouldn't be in this mess.

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Can you play the mandolin OP?

Seaneh Banned

what you shhould have done is put the loose flap of skin back over the wound and then wrapped it tightly and hold the thumb above shoulder level and got to a doctor. now you are going to lose the finger to flesh eating bacteria that live in the flour or die.

sorry op. hope its a nice funeral.

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wexie Registered User

hmmm....if there's actually a slice missing then it can't be stitched.

(I know this because I once ruined a lovely Caesar salad).

You will however need something to stop the bleeding. (I got something that looked like little white plastic cubes that somehow dissolved under the bandage and stopped the bleeding).

Alternatively : Superglue

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